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International Extravaganza! Adrian Salbuchi, Annie Machon on Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 10/3

Saturday 10/3 on Truth Jihad Radio, 5-7 pm Central on

First hour: Adrian Salbuchi, Argentine anti-globalist economist. Check out his video lecture Zionism: A Key Factor in the New World Order Elite Power Network .

Second hour: Annie Machon, organizer and presenter, Vers la Verité: International 9/11 Activist Gathering in Paris, to be held Saturday, 10/10/2009 at La Bellevilloise, 19-21 rue Boyer in Paris.

I also hope to get a call-in or update on or from Muhammed Abdullah, the Pomona, California 9/11 truth activist whose freedom of speech was trampled earlier this year, and who seems to have just been targeted by a huge police raid in retaliation for his 9/11 truth-speaking.

2 Thoughts to “International Extravaganza! Adrian Salbuchi, Annie Machon on Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 10/3”

  1. Oh goodie, the winsome Annie Machon, who trotted David Shayler all over the UK to try to make the Brits think that no-planes was the conventional wisdom, and then squired Willie Rodriguez around as if she actually believed his impossible hero tales when obviously no ex-MI5 agent could ever be dumb enough to believe them for a minute.

    I wouldn't know what Annie is a friend of, but she's clearly no friend of truth.

  2. I don't think Barrett was dumb enough to believe Willie's lies either–nobody who watches Willie's schtick more than once can.

    So Barrett traveled around with Willie inflicting lies on unsuspecting rubes, he authored lying press releases, he foisted Willie's nonsense off on activists on the West Coast, and he allowed Willie to waste a two hour C-Span program on bragging and lies instead of including serious 9/11 material.

    Since Willie's lies were exposed two years ago, Barrett has refused to acknowledge his culpability in promoting a liar and has refused to defend his friend Willie. The gutless wonder has refused to comment.

    How about showing some of those cojones you like to talk about so much, Kev, and paying back the $1400 Willie took away from the Grand Lake Theater audience under the false pretenses of being the single-handed rescuer of 15 persons?

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