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“4,000 Jews Warned” ?! Jim Fetzer & I Talk It Out Over Lunch

In my previous post I opined that Jim Fetzer must be crazy to be drawing the conclusions he’s drawing, and using the language he’s using, concerning a certain Greek newspaper report of 22/23 September, 2001. That report, headlined “ISRAELI PRESS: We Saved 4,000 of Our Own and ARIEL SHARON” stated:

“4,000 Jews who work [shifting to the next column] in the Twin Towers did not show up for work the day of the attack. Also the visit of Ariel Sharon to New York, who was going to attend a Zionist celebration that day, was canceled. In addition to that, 5 Jews were arrested four hours after the event, when they were caught recording the disaster. “According to these newspapers, the 4,000 [shifting to the next column] Jews and Ariel Sharon were prevented by the Secret Service of Israel [presumably the Mossad], which had advanced knowledge, and consequently they were saved.” (source)

The Greek report cited alleged stories in the Israeli newspapers Haaretz and Yadiot Ahrandt as its source for this information.

Like Elias Davidsson and Michael Morrissey, I doubt that the Greek report is an accurate summary of actual articles from these two Israeli newspapers. And I think it is even crazier to talk about the New York “Jewish community” being forewarned of 9/11. The idea that the New York Jewish community, which numbers millions of people, could be warned about 9/11 in advance is insane. People who say this discredit themselves as sloppy thinkers and suspected bigots. That may be why stories like this were planted — to discredit-by-association anybody who talks about the very real warnings to ISRAELIS (not New York Jews) via Odigo Instant Messaging Services and Zim Shipping Lines. These well-documented warnings, and perhaps others less well-documented, apparently reduced the anticipated 400 or so Israeli deaths (i.e. 4000 had the Towers been full) to only one or two, depending on which source you believe.

By spreading insane rumors about how “Jews” were forewarned, the Mossad has apparently successfully diverted attention from its actual warnings to Israeli nationals.

Anyway…yesterday Jim Fetzer and I discussed this over lunch, and agreed to do further research that could shed light on the question. Isn’t that a better way to handle differences of opinion than internet flame wars and name-calling?

Stay tuned to this blog for updates on what our research uncovers.

8 Thoughts to ““4,000 Jews Warned” ?! Jim Fetzer & I Talk It Out Over Lunch”

  1. Well, it is easy to create a straw man that is easier to attack than the real argument. No one has claimed that the "Jewish community" was warned but rather than those who worked in the Twin Towers were advised to avoid coming to work that day. If there were messaging services that were Israeli/Mossad fronts, that is not such a stretch. As I observed to Kevin during lunch, moreover, an elderly woman who lives in Brooklyn called me years ago and told me that her rabbi had warned the members of her synagogue to avoid lower Manhattan that day. That provides (what I take to be) significant support for the conclusion that members of the Jewish community were being warned. The Israeli newspapers that are being cited include specific dates–the 18th and the 19th–and the article is calling for confirmation that those stories are true, not simply taking their content for granted. Nor am I. But the publication of this article provides prima facie proof that these two articles did appear in those Israeli papers, which justifies taking the conclusion that those stories did appear–unless overridden by additional evidence to the contrary. So Kevin and I will make our way to the library soon and check it out. In the meanwhile, I would recommend that those interested in this intriguing question visit the Scholars forum at and scroll down through the blogs to find the one devoted to this article, which has several previous exchanges about it by parties to the debate.

  2. Barrett doing fact-checking! What a concept! After just mouthing off any nonsense that popped into his wooly mind for years, is he suddenly developing a regard for journalistic standards?

    Kev, you're like the guy that paws the babysitter on Saturday night and then tries to show what an upstanding citizen he is at church on Sunday. The only way you can demonstrate your rehabilitation is to admit that almost everything you've done since you Jew-baited Mark Robinowitz and said he deserved it in 2006 has been amazingly destructive.

  3. I worked with someone who visited NYC in late August 2001. She reported hearing rumors of a terrorist attack on the Big Apple at that time.

  4. Kevin, is you TNRAT post above an effort to obscure Dr. Morrissey's claim that no reputable newspaper ever published the "4000 Jews" claim?

    Morrissey says in his piece that he is posting on this blog, but his post is not here. Are you blocking him? If so, why are you not blocking me? (I have a theory about that.)

  5. My response is at If this doesn't work, Kevin has a link in his next blog.

  6. Sorry, I just figured out how to post here with my Google account. Links above work.

  7. Stay tuned for research? Your 9/4 list of Jews-who-control-the media includes "Summer Redstone" and "Robert Murdoch". I don't know these dudes. You are an embarrassment to the causes you pretend to support, Evan.

  8. Anonymous

    Professor Jim Fetzer and Dr Kevin Barrett are doing excellent work!

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