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Today’s Truth Jihad Radio: Jerry Smith & Manny Badillo

Don’t miss this weekend’s Truth Jihad Radio! Sat. 6/26 5-7 pm Central,

First hour: Jerry Smith, author of Weather Warfare: The Military’s Plan to Draft Mother Nature.

Second hour: 9/11 family member Manny Badillo,, discussion the upcoming March for Answers this Sunday, September 27th, 2 pm in NYC: Battery Park to City Hall via Ground Zero.

Manny recently gave the best mainstream 9/11 truth interview I’ve ever seen, which is being taken down all over the web due to alleged “copyright violations”… but as of this writing can still be seen at:

Call in with questions for Jerry or Manny at 512-879-3805.

By the way, you can listen to a commercial-free archive of my interview yesterday with Michael Rivero of here.

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