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Remembering Barry Jennings

9/11 whistleblower & shaheed. Murdered one year ago today by the treasonous mass murderers who blew up the World Trade Center to launch criminal wars of aggression that have killed more than a million innocent people.

Today people are contacting/picketing media outlets trying to drum up some interest in this amazing story.

4 Thoughts to “Remembering Barry Jennings”

  1. Hey Kev, what's your take? Barry said the stairs blew up and he was trapped. But every tall building has TWO stairways. Why didn't he just take the other stair? His story is as phony as Willie Rodriguez's.

    What do you think he and Michael Hess were really up to all that time they pretended they were trapped? Hess went to work for Giuliani Partners after, and he's not talking.

    BTW, Willie's website has been down for several days. What's that about?

  2. way to go, kevin!


  3. Yeah, way to go Kevin. Flogging an obviously phony story to the press. You didn't learn two years ago from Willie, did you?

  4. Barry was obviously on the wrong side if he's turned up dead and it's even difficult to determine what happened to him?

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