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Progressive Magazine, Like U.S. Empire, Drowning in Debt & Lies

The mainstream media, like the Zio-American empire it serves, is going broke because it is drowning in lies.(1) Ironically, Matt Rothschild’s “alternative” Progressive magazine is in the same predicament. The Progressive pretends to oppose corporate power, but ignores its source: the handful of trillionaire families, whose capo (like the Progressive’s editor) happens to be named Rothschild, that own the Federal Reserve and other central banks, and create our currency by lending it into existence at unpayable interest, driving the entire world into exponentially-increasing indebtedness to themselves.(2) And while it pretends to oppose Bush’s wars, the Progressive ignores the fact that these wars (and the 9/11 false-flag attack that launched them) are the creation of what James Petras aptly calls the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC).(3)

When I informed Progressive editor Matt Rothschild that Osama Bin Laden (prior to his death in late 2001) denied having anything to do with 9/11, deplored the attacks in the strongest possible terms, and blamed them on certain “American Jews,” Rothschild was visibly horrified and disgusted, responding “What a thing to say!”(4) He obviously isn’t so horrified by the official lie that blames 9/11 on Muslims, and has sparked the genocidal slaughter of more than a million people because they are Muslims. Excuse me, Mr. Rothschild: Why is it okay to mendaciously blame 9/11 on Muslims, but deeply offensive for a man falsely blamed for the crime to suggest the likely truth — that 9/11 and the 9/11 wars, which have bankrupted our economy and morally destroyed our nation, were orchestrated primarily by and for Zionist Jews?

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(1) Audiences are abandoning the lying mainstream media for truth-seeking internet news sources including,,,,, and many others. Meanwhile the Zio-American empire now bases its quixotic struggle against the tide of history on the big lies of 9/11, the value of the dollar, the goodness of the empire, and so on.

(2) See books including: G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve; Ellen Brown, Web of Debt; Richard C. Cook, We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform; Geraldine Perry and Ken Fousek, The Two Faces of Money; Webster Tarpley, Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide through the Greeatest Financial Crisis in Human History; and videos including The Money Masters and Money as Debt. Also, please note that I am not suggesting that Matt Rothschild, editor of the Progressive, is a member of the trillionaire banking family; as I understand it, Matt comes from a Chicago family of modest means.

(3) Under Rothschild’s leadership, the Progressive has censored and slandered the 9/11 truth movement. In late 2005, when I asked Rothschild why the Progressive didn’t report on the obvious controlled demolition of World Trade Center Building 7, Rothschild responded “what’s Building 7?” His ignorance and incuriosity did not stop him from penning a vapid article entitled
Enough of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Already” several months later.
Likewise, the Progressive has consistently blamed Bush, rather than hardline Zionists, for the 9/11 wars, ignoring the analysis of Petras and others that clearly shows that Zionism, rather than oil, was the casus belli. Unsurprisingly, The Progressive also ignores the takeover of American politics and media by Zionist money.

(4) My exchange with Rothschild took place at a public meeting sponsored by the Madison Area Peace Coalition in winter 2009. Bin Laden denied involvement, deplored the 9/11 attacks, and suggested American Jewish complicity here and here (see also archives here).

5 Thoughts to “Progressive Magazine, Like U.S. Empire, Drowning in Debt & Lies”

  1. And if bin Laden said "The Jews Did It" then Barrett will fall over himself to repeat it. Do you always take your talking points from the CIA?

    Kevin, you are making us look bad. Please just shut the fuck up. You were an embarrassment in 2006 when so many of your press releases were about Kevin Barrett instead of 9/11. Then your support for holocaust deniers was totally tasteless and certainly out of character for the founder of an alleged interfaith group. If MUJCA was anything other than a front organization for your own self-promotion it might have been able to help you write an apology. Instead you justified what you said, saying "Oh he was an asshole anyway."

    You were an embarrassment in 2007 with almost everything you did from making the Phoenix Conference look like a Nazi-fest to your juvenile book, your repeated calls for journalists (even Amy Goodman) to be hanged, interrupting David Horowitz and getting booed out of the room, your flaky "What's Controversial" conference, Captain May's loony predictions, the William Rodriguez fiasco, your expression of aesthetic fascination with the violence in V-for-Vendetta, when you declared that "Political Power Comes from the Barrel of a Gun", Where They Live, Trick or Truth, and the War on War.

    You were an embarrassment in 2008 when in April you wrote at Blogger that no Israelis had been killed on 9/11, when you misrepresented your academic background to Noam Chomsky, and when you published Chomsky's confidential emails, not to mention your childish Congressional campaign, complete with Halloween mask and the fact that four respected activists hurt their own credibility by endorsing your campaign, presumably out of concern for your mental stability.

    After that you seemed to stay out of trouble for a while (though announcing you were leaving the country and then announcing you were not was a bad move). But now you're getting worse and worse, characterizing the holocaust as "toasting 6 million Jews", trying to revise the history of the Nazi war crimes trials, supporting CIT bullshit without even watching the DVD, promoting Willie Rodriguez, promoting Barry Jennings's story to the press, and now claiming Jews Run the World and citing Rense as a news source.

    You are hurting, not helping, Kev. And your inability to get anyone to defend you on this blog or at OpEd News seems to indicate you are majorly isolated.

    The way things are going I'm starting to fear that when cabin fever sets in next winter you might barricade yourself into a radio station with guns in the belief that you can set off a revolution.

    The greatest contribution you could make to the movement would be to move to Morocco and shut the fuck up. You don't have the sense for politics and you should stick to Human Rights work until you learn to behave.

  2. If we didn't have nutjobs like you harrassing people like Chomsky and Matt Rothschild and who-knows-who all, maybe we could get some respectable ink. You're very destructive.

    I wish this blog wasn't such a ghost town. It would be nice to get a counterargument, however feeble.

  3. Kevin, thank you for your insight and courage. Have a great night and thank you again for your work.

  4. Is that what passes for a counterargument among Barrett supporters? Courage schmourage. Barrett is a gutless wonder who's been afraid to debate me in writing for almost two years. If he had debated me he wouldn't be the last one to know that Willie Rodriguez's story is impossible.

  5. DKB, that you offer support instead of defense shows that Barrett is indefensible.

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