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William Pepper: Spanish Court Targets Bush Regime for War Crimes Bust

At the invitation of the Spanish court investigating U.S. war crimes, William Pepper wrote an extensive brief on why they should target top Bush officials, not just their lawyers. It appears they have taken his advice–get ready for Nuremburg II, which, Pepper told me, will be far more important than Nuremburg I. Learn about the impending prosecution of the Bush regime, and why you need to donate NOW to the NY 9/11 Ballot Initiative! Listen to today’s amazing Fair and Balanced show.

Also, don’t forget:

AE911Truth TRUTH TOUR 2009

Architect Richard Gage and AE911Truth are on tour bringing truth to a city near you. Gage recently broke through and got significant air time on KMPH Fox 26 TV in Fresno, CA. The video has gone viral on YouTube. Please circulate it far and wide:;

The 7-minute segment is a great primer for anyone unacquainted with 9/11 truth or who still believes the official story. It’s no longer just a theory – a recent peer-reviewed scientific paper conclusively proves the presence of unexploded military high explosive in every sample of WTC dust.;

The official story goes down NOW. Join over 700 Architects and Engineers plus many thousands of others and help AE911Truth press for a new investigation. We *REALLY* need your help–even if you can only contribute $5.; Coming up: Gage and crew go to Washington, DC!

Join the AE911Truth Facebook Group:;

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