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Richard Falk Kicks Ass and Takes Names — Kindly and Gently!

Richard Falk (see yesterday’s post) has a sweet, gentle, reasonable, yet uncompromising way of telling the hard truths. Despite, or maybe because of, his sweet reasonableness, Dr. Falk has been reviled by such hardcore Zionists as Alan “torture is wonderful” Dershowitz, who called him such names as:

€ “supposedly impartial”
€ “notorious crackpot”
€ “rants”
€ “fodder for conspiracy nuts all over the world”
€ “hard-leftist”
€ “obscene and ignorant”
€ “alleged false”
€ “anti-Israel extremists”
€ “anti-Semites, assorted nuts of the hard right and the hard left, and haters such as Richard Falk”
€ “obscene” and “barbaric views”
€ “anti-Semitic”
€ “pariah”
€ “Richard Falk belongs in this category of bigoted crackpots”
€ “hateful”
€ “demonstrably false”
€ “ill-motivated”
€ “bigoted”
€ “spew”ing “hate-speech”

As far as I can tell, the malicious Dershowitz was describing himself, not Richard Falk, whose saintly demeanor is as genuine as his deep sincerity, courage, and exhaustive knowledge of the subjects he addresses. Today was an auspicious day to interview Dr. Falk, who briefed the UN War Crimes team that just entered Gaza.

Get to know this great American — listen to my interview with Richard Falk, to be archived sometime this evening at .

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  1. Anonymous

    You left out "Dickhead" and "ignorant Asshole".

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