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William Rodriguez & Splitting-the-Sky: Two Heroes to Join Me on Radio Tuesday

I’m not really the hero-worshipping type. I think we all have to be our own heroes these days.

That’s why I love the 9/11 truth movement. Thousands and thousands of heroes–all standing up for truth and justice in their own thousands and thousands of ways. Google “leaderless resistance” to bone up on the advantages of this approach.

But let’s face it: Some folks have that je ne sais quoi that separates the heroes from the other heroes. Courage is part of it, and seeing and seizing an opportunity for heroic action is another.

When William Rodriguez risked his own life to rescue the lives of others during the series of explosions that brought down the North Tower of the World Trade Center, then refused to be silent about those explosions (which began before the plane hit) he became a kind of mythic figure. Likewise, when Splitting-the-Sky got himself arrested while trying to arrest George Bush for war crimes, he became…well, he didn’t actually BECOME a mythic figure — Splitting-the-Sky has been a mythic figure for DECADES! Let’s just say he confirmed his mythic status, and may even have taken it to a whole new level.

It is my pleasure to announce that these two extraordinary people will be joining me on “Fair and Balanced with Kevin Barrett” this Tuesday, March 24th, noon to 1 p.m Eastern (9 to 10 a.m. Pacific) at

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