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Splitting-the-Sky: The Rosa Parks of Civil Resistance?

Splitting-the-Sky, arrested while trying to arrest George W. Bush in Calgary, may become the Rosa Parks of civil resistance (CR).

Just as Rosa Parks said “no more” to a segregated South, Splitting-the-Sky has said “enough already” to a world where the worst war criminals walk free. And just as Rosa Parks inspired thousands to risk jail by defying the segregation laws, S-T-S could inspire thousands to attempt to arrest known war criminals, submit to arrest while doing so, demand jury trials, and invoke an international law defense.

Proving that great minds think alike, one of my readers just wrote:

I just read your blog. Kevin I think this is an incredible and serendipitious catalyst – the forest is drier than kiln wood and only needs a spark. Can we create a grassroots coalition to full-spectrum support this new “Rosa Parks”? Beginning with linning up a team of pro-bono attorneys? Francis Boyle and Lawrence Velvel to begin with?

Speaking of serendipity! I had just emailed Francis Boyle:

Dear Francis Boyle,

You may remember our talk radio conversation last year, which focused on your brilliant book “Protesting Power” and your ideas about civil resistance.

Another of my favorite radio guests, Splitting-the-Sky, just got himself arrested in Calgary while trying to arrest Bush, and is planning on taking a CR defense before a jury. STS is a smart, savvy, charismatic, eloquent, experienced, fearless and dedicated activist. If anybody could help CR really take off, leading to hundreds of people all over the world getting themselves arrested for trying to arrest war criminals, leading eventually to actual arrests of war criminals, it would be STS.

Let’s hope that Professor Boyle can help STS, or at least point him in the direction of pro-CR legal counsel.

And don’t miss what Splitting-the-Sky himself has to say about this remarkable adventure:

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