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Obama: Political Messiah, or Just Another Third World Dictator?

By Kevin Barrett,

Yes, it’s great to have a black face in the White House. And yes, it’s nice to have a bright, well-educated, eloquent president for a change.

But national leaders who are dark-skinned, bright, well-educated, and eloquent are a dime a dozen. The Third World is full of them. They’re called dictators.

In the Third World, dictators are often alumni of American ivy league universities. The bankers, and the foundations they control, give the brightest students from places like Rwanda and Kenya and Benin scholarships to places like Harvard and Yale and Princeton. Then they send them home, help them out with money and organization, and reap the benefits when their proteg├ęs seize power and make themselves heads of state.

I hate to say it, but I’m afraid that’s pretty much what has happened to America.

Webster Tarpley, in his shrill, polemical, but absolutely essential writings on Obama, points out that the Anointed One was probably anointed not by God, but by Zbigniew Brezezinksi. When Obama was a student at Columbia University, writing his senior thesis on Soviet nuclear disarmament, Brzezinski was the top Soviet Studies professor at Columbia.

Prior to his brush with Brzezinski, Obama was an easygoing party-hearty young man who did not seem destined for greater things. But after spending two years in Brzezinski’s orbit in Soviet Studies at Columbia, Obama emerged on the fast track to power, his way paved by employment at CIA front companies and foundations and, once in politics, the destruction of his opponents in prefabricated scandals.

Oddly, Obama has very little to say about his years at Columbia. His admittance to the Ivy League was the event that transformed his life–yet hardly anyone in his graduating class remembers him, and Obama’s autobiography passes over this crucial, formative period of his life in a few sentences. As Tarpley writes, “Obama is seeking to conceal the central event of his entire personal story: his recruitment by Zbigniew Brzezinski as a long-term controlled asset and sponsored career of the Rockefeller-controlled Trilateral Commission.” (Obama, the Unauthorized Biography, 50).

If Obama is our Third World dictator, that means that we’re now the Third World. The Atlantic and other mainstream monopoly media organs are admitting this, but focusing on the racial aspect: Whites are well on their way to becoming just another American minority group.

But race is an illusion; skin color means no more than eye color. The delusion that pigmentation has social meaning is cultivated by the elite as a divide-and-conquer weapon against the people.

The real third-worldization of America is not racial, but economic and political. The global banking elite is destroying our economy with a prefabricated “crisis,” just as it has destroyed so many Third World economies with similar crises–for details, read Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine. The purpose of the economic 9/11 and its aftermath is to destroy the middle class, reduce the vast majority of the population to impoverishment and debt slavery, and establish a world dictatorship of the financier elite and its intellectual and technological hired guns. As Brzezinski’s boss David Rockefeller put it, “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

Rather than nationalizing the banks, imprisoning the thieves who run them, and rebooting a middle-class economy via monetary reform and an industrial policy, Obama is aiding and abetting the trillionaire global finance elite as they loot what’s left of America and drive our economy into the ground.

As the third-worldization of America continues, and formerly middle-class people continue to be booted out of their jobs and homes, don’t bet on Obama maintaining his leftie, peacenik, pro-civil-liberties facade. When people starve and protests grow, Obama’s bankster puppeteers will try to distract us by escalating the wars against Afghanistan and Pakistan, and maybe throw in Iran, Russia, or China for good measure. If that doesn’t work, they will convince Obama to REALLY use the dictatorial presidential powers that Bush and Cheney grabbed after the 9/11 inside job. The day may not be far off when we look back on the Cheney regime as the good old days when people could pay their mortgages and buy food, and only Muslims were being disappeared, tortured, and warehoused in concentration camps.

I hope I’m wrong. But one thing I’m sure of is that only fools mistake politicians for messiahs. Within a few years, it’s a good bet that Obama will be looking a lot less like a messiah, and a lot more like just another third world dictator.

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