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Ask a 9/11 Truther

An Advice Column

The satirical newspaper The Onion sometimes parodies advice columns. If they were doing “Ask a 9/11 Truther” it might look something like this:

Dear 9/11 Truther,

My husband is cheating on me and my boyfriend says it’s because I’m not romantic enough. What should I do?

Confused in Pottshole

Dear Confused,

Your boyfriend and husband need to know that the melting point of steel is more than 1,000 degrees higher than the maximum possible temperature of an open-air hydrocarbon fire — and more than 1500 degrees higher than the hottest parts of the fires in the World Trade Center, according to NIST tests of recovered steel. Yet all sorts of photographic, video, and eyewitness testimony shows that there was lots of molten steel, and even evaporated steel, produced by the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7. So how come NIST says all three buildings were basically destroyed by ordinary office fires? Since when could ordinary office fires melt and vaporize steel, and make skyscrapers disappear at free-fall speed? Why is it that in more than a century of experience with steel-framed buildings, the only time any steel-framed tall building has ever completely collapsed, for any reason other than controlled demolition, was (supposedly) the three times it happened on 9/11? If you reflect on this, I think it will put your personal problems in perspective.

Dr. Truth

But seriously, folks, I get a lot of questions — though usually not about personal matters — and I try to answer at least some of them. Below are some real questions, followed by my answers.


What are we doing about the Congresspeople who won’t prosecute Bush? Aren’t they as culpable as Bush, et al?

Thanks for your reply,


Hi Kathy,

I’m not sure the treasonous congress-critters are AS culpable as Bush, but they’re certainly culpable.

Many of us have lobbied our local senators and representatives. I’ve shown 9/11 videos to the aides to my two senators, and given David Ray Griffin’s books to my congressman and senators. When my congressman, Ron Kind, failed to do anything, I ran against him, and hammered him in a debate, which you can watch at

One of our best 9/11 activists, Mia Hamel, put together a “how to lobby your congressional rep” package — you can email her at

Another way to put grassroots pressure on Congress is to join the campaign to find one or more local DAs who will prosecute Bush for murder, as Vincent Bugliosi has recommended. They’ve already sent more than 2,000 copies of Bugliosi’s book to local DAs all over the USA. Contact: Bob Alexander Toll-Free 1-866-394-9571

Hope this helps!


I do not believe the governments story regarding 911. I can find very few people, however, that question the party line. People are always referring me to the site: I went to this site and looked around it. It seems to be very skillfully done with graphs, pictures and “testimony” that supposedly debunks all charges of a conspiracy. I have been unable to discern who owns this site. My question is this: do you Kevin know who the site is owned or controlled by? I assume it is government controlled but there is zero information on the site about who owns it and this makes me very suspicious.

I’d be interested in any info you may have on this subject.

Keep up the great work.


Hi Ed,

Good question! I believe there’s a way to do a whois lookup to find out who has registered the site. You can google “whois” to find out. Let me know the results.

It’s interesting and telling that most of the so-called debunking is being done anonymously, while essentially all of the solid work by 9/11 truth advocates is by real people putting their names and reputations on the line.

Likewise, within the 9/11 truth movement, there are some anonymous nobodies like “Arabesque” and “Col. Sparks” who spend most of their time disrupting and picking fights and slandering real activists.

Since there has been little or no important work done by anyone operating under a fake name, and since the fake names (whether “debunkers” or “truthers”) are so often mendacious or disruptive, I think that anyone looking for the truth about 9/11 should resolutely ignore all anonymous and pseudonymous work, and pay attention only to the work of real, identifiable people.


2 Thoughts to “Ask a 9/11 Truther”

  1. Dear Dr. Truth:

    My (abridged) copy of the _Muquaddimah_ is underneath some other books somewhere and I can’t find it. I would greatly appreciate it if you could find out for me precisely where it says that government is the enemy of the people. Thanks for your help.

  2. CR

    my search of the domain “” through several domain search engines turns up pretty much the same info, except one that contained ‘Palatine, IL, USA.’:

    Domain Name: DEBUNKING911.COM

    Created on…………..: 2006-02-04 02:54:42 GMT
    Expires on…………..: 2011-02-03 00:00:00 GMT
    Last modified on……..: 2009-02-05 11:03:19 GMT

    Registrant Info: (FAST-12785240)
    Attn: 1,500 GB Storage and 15,000 Monthly Bandwidth. INC
    1215 North Research Way Suite #Q 3500
    Hosting plans starting at ONLY $6.95 per month –
    Orem, Utah 84097
    United States
    Phone: +1.8017659400
    Fax..: +1.8017651992
    Last modified: 2008-04-03 22:35:44 GMT

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