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Michael Brenner on Brits’ “ludicrous & dangerous stunt” in the Black Sea

Listen HERE International Relations Professor Michael Brenner (U. of Pittsburgh) sounds off about the British Navy’s “ludicrous and dangerous” provocation of the Russian bear last Friday, when HMS Defender violated Russian waters off Crimea and nearly started World War III. The incident ended as the Russians set off bombs directly in front of HMS Defender’s bow, forcing the British warship to turn tail and flee. Adding to the Brits’ aura of insanity, a trove of secret documents detailing British leaders’ deliberations in setting up the provocation were “found as soggy blob in a waste basket at a London bus stop.”…


Author Ian Henshall, family member Matt Campbell discuss 9/11 truth issues

Friday 3/21 – Listen live – 5 to 7 pm Central on Revolution Radio:  To be rebroadcast Saturday March 22nd 11 to 12:45 pm Eastern on  and then archived at the usual spot.  Ian Henshall is a leading 9/11 author and European truth movement figure associated with Matt Campbell is conducting legal and media actions in search of justice for his the brother he lost on 9/11, including refusing to pay his BBC tax and seeking to re-open the inquiry into his brother’s death. We’ll discuss the progress of 9/11 truth, as reflected in Ian’s latest newsletter: To…