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Truth Jihad Radio takes a one month vacation during Charlie Hebdo speaking tour

Dear Truth Jihad Radio supporters and listeners, I will be traveling until late August on a speaking tour. For details, see: Truth Jihad Radio should resume broadcasting on or before Friday, August 28th. Stay tuned to this site for details. Hope to see some of you at my speaking events! Kevin Barrett


A giant (size 14 1/2) step for 9/11 truth in Turkey!

It’s been said that when you travel, there’s only one thing you can’t leave behind: yourself. But I’ve been traveling through the world of Islam for almost two decades now, and have surely left quite a bit of my old, kaffir American self behind. Before taking shahada at age 35, I lived a life that was footloose and free, though not especially fancy. I used to travel a lot just for the hell of it; learn languages mainly for the poetry (and to hit it off with the local women); swill alcoholic beverages on a regular basis; and deal with…