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Linh Dinh from South Africa: “Why I’m Leaving the Unz Review”

Listen HERE Notable writer, poet, and photo-essayist Linh Dinh, Truth Jihad Radio’s roving global correspondent, left America years ago. Now he says he is leaving the Unz Review and will henceforth publish only at In both cases, the stupidity and vulgarity of (some) Americans hastened his departure. During the first half of this interview Linh discusses his experiences in Cape Town, South Africa. Apparently he annoyed certain white racist commenters by blaspheming against their fervent conviction that all of post-apartheid South Africa is a crime-ridden hellhole experiencing “white genocide.” The fact that millions of white South Africans are living happy, privileged…


Interviews with Radio 786 (South Africa), LHV News, and Press TV

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