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Jeff Brown on Xinjiang, climate change, Gaza genocide; Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad on “Does Israel Want Gaza?”

Listen live Fridays noon to 2pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at First hour: Jeff Brown discusses his recent articles on Xinjiang, climate change, and more. Jeff J Brown is the author of The China Trilogy, editor of China Rising Radio Sinoland, and China Tech News Flash!, and curator of the Bioweapon Truth Commission Global Online Library. Second hour: Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad of the Nation of Islam Research Group (NOIRG) discusses his forthcoming article “Does Israel Want the Gaza Strip?” We’ll also discuss The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s “The Genocide of Palestinians: A Test for The Whole Human Family” as well…


Dr. Ridgley Abdul-Mumin Muhammad on 50th anniversary of “Fight of the Century”

Listen HERE Dr. Ridgley Abdul-Mumin Muhammad of the Nation of Islam Research Group discusses one of the Nation’s most famous members, Muhammad Ali, in light of the upcoming 50-year anniversary of the Ali-Frazier “Fight of the Century” this Monday, March 8. Though Muhammad Ali won most of his fights with knockouts in the early rounds, in Frazier he finally met his match; the two fighters went the distance, and Frazier won on points. But in going the distance, Ali provided cover for the activists who broke into an FBI office and liberated to Cointelpro files: “It was March 8, 1971, the…