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Keith Kahn-Harris on “Denial: The Unspeakable Truth”

Listen HERE In Denial: The Unspeakable Truth, Keith Kahn-Harris argues that “Holocaust denial is not just eccentricity; it is an attempt to legitimate genocide through covert means. Denials of the harmfulness of tobacco, of the existence of global warming, and other denialisms, are, similarly, projects to legitimate the unspeakable.” Among the “other denialisms” he cites non-Western-mainstream views on 9/11, AIDS, vaccines, the Armenian and Bosnian genocides, the “fine-tuning” argument for the existence of God, the Apollo moon landings, Lysenko’s genetics, Tiananmen Square, perpetual motion machines, and flat earthism. What’s more, Kahn-Harris urges us to “remember that denialism can never actually be…