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FFWN: If You Tell the Truth, Make It Funny or They’ll Kill You

Full uncensored version posted above by noon Central time Saturdays (or watch on Bitchute) This week’s co-host: Jim Fetzer PSAs 1) Help FFWN Make the Truth Funny So They Don’t Kill Us  THIS WEEK’S SHOW HAS NOT YET REACHED $200 (WHEN IT DOES I’LL REMOVE THIS NOTICE) 2) FALSE FLAGS AND CONSPIRACIES VIRTUAL CONFERENCE 2022 More Fun Events 3) NYT to Host Nov. 30 Event With Bankman-Fried, Zelensky, Zuckerberg, Yellen (Why Not Add Bernie Madoff and Jeffrey Epstein?) 4) Sam Bankman-Fried-On-Amphetamines A speed-addled Manchurian candidate sent to blow up crypto? Apocalypse Not (Quite) 5) A senior U.S. intelligence…