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USA Needs Revolution! and other stories

Latest Press TV rant: Watch at: Please note that I was not saying the primary reason for revolution is to stop attacks on Muslims; instead, I was saying that these attacks won’t stop until a revolution overthrows the neocon regime that seized power on September 11th, 2001. The neocon criminals have looted and pillaged all Americans, not just Muslims; and they have shredded the US Constitution, demolished the rule of law, and bankrupted the country. No country in history has needed a revolution like the USA needs one now. * * * More recent writings and TV appearances: Charlie…


Israel prime suspect in Norway attack

[Note:  Dean Henderson, author of Was Israel Behind Norway Terror Attacks? will be my guest on Truth Jihad Radio this Wednesday, 1-2 pm Central…with a possible cameo from Gordon Duff of Veterans Today.] One thing’s for sure about the Utoya Island massacre, perpetrated by an Israel-loving Islamophobic freemason: It was NOT a false-flag attack orchestrated by Muslims to demonize Israel, Islamophobia, and freemasonry. While all rules have exceptions, I think it is safe to say that Muslims just aren’t into false-flag attacks. As Wendy Campbell once said on my radio show: “The Muslims always TELL YOU if they’re going to…