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LIVE RADIO! Brett Redmayne-Titley on “Anti-Genocide Students Defeat Cops”; Richard Gage, AIA, on 9/11 – October 7 Parallels

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First hour: On-scene reporting specialist Brett Redmayne-Titley discusses his new article “UC’s War For Your Mind?: Students Defeat Cops in Opening Battle.” It provides an in-depth look at one of the more than 100 protests/encampments that have sprung up on American campuses protesting the genocide of Gaza: “On the weekend of April 27, 2024, UC/ San Diego campus administrators got wind that Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) was going to set up an ‘encampment’ at a point yet unknown. They had been waiting for this opening salvo of the constant of conscience and its visual appeal—tents—to finally come to their campus. For months, they had previously been summoned to meetings at UC Davis, UC Los Angeles, and UC Berkeley to, in part and priority, address the growing student awakening…And how to stop it.”

Brett Redmayne-Titley is the author of THERE! On-Scene Reporting from a World Gone Mad.: From Ukraine to Moldova, Erdogan’s Turkey to Hizbullah’s Lebanon, the US Police Killing of Evan Quik and Further Down the Rabbit Hole of Media Lies. His work is archived at

Second hour: Richard Gage, AIA, is best known for his work on controlled demolitions at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Recently he has taken an interest in questions about what really happened during the Palestinian Resistance’s Al-Aqsa Storm operation on October 7, including speculation about Israeli foreknowledge. Richard has been invited to speak at the Red Pill Expo in Rapid City South Dakota on June 15/16 on “Gaza: the astounding parallels with 911.”

For my take on the limitations of Richard’s thesis, see “9/11 and October 7: Parallels—and Stark Differences.”




One Thought to “LIVE RADIO! Brett Redmayne-Titley on “Anti-Genocide Students Defeat Cops”; Richard Gage, AIA, on 9/11 – October 7 Parallels”

  1. john Kesich

    Haven’t watched the interview, this comment addresses your VT article claiming 10/7 was very different than 9/11.

    John Hankey makes a compelling case that 10/7 _was_ an inside job (

    Looks to me like Bibi & Co sacrificed 1,200 Israelis in order to have “justification” for their final solution. Hankey claims most of these victims were liberal – not their favorite type of Jew – and most were killed by the IDF. But I suspect they would sacrifice their own mothers to achieve their goals.

    Could it be that Hamas went along with the false flag to sucker Israel into a war it can’t win? Or did Israel just underestimate the resistance?
    In any event, as Hankey makes clear, it is not plausible that Israel was taken by surprise _for six hours_.

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