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LIVE RADIO! “Better Anarchist” David Rovics on History of Resistance; Ron Unz on Israeli Assassinations & COVID Origins

Listen live Fridays noon to 2pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Singer-songwriter David Rovics is one of the few American public figures with the guts to just flat-out support the Palestinian Resistance. (Like you should.) He’s also the author of classic songs including “I’m a Better Anarchist than You” which he discusses in a terrific new essay. David is also working on a musical history of resistance.

As the student anti-genocide movement explodes across American campuses, David Rovics is more relevant than ever. He really should be flying from college town to college town, playing at anti-genocide occupations. If enough people subscribe to his Substack and/or offer him a donation for airfare and he just might do it.

Second hour: Ron Unz discusses his new articles “Israeli Assassinations and Public Scrutiny” and “After Four Years and Thirty Million Deaths.” The former reflects on the hidden history of Israel’s outrageously bad behavior, some of which is now becoming better known in the wake of the accelerated genocide of Gaza, while the latter summarizes and updates Ron’s work on COVID, including his groundbreaking articles arguing that the pandemic emerged from a US bio-attack on China and Iran.


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