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FFWN: Will “Redemption Through Genocide” End Golden Age of American Jews?

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Guest host: Cat McGuire


0) Help FFWN seek “redemption through truth”

1) Fight Anti-Semitism: Slaughter All Non-Jews Starting with Children and Mothers


2) US Supreme Court rules Trump can remain on 2024 primary ballots

3) Appeals Court Overturns Jan. 6 Defendant’s Sentence, Potentially Impacting Dozens of Cases

4) ‘Finish the Problem’: Presumptive GOP Nominee Trump Endorses Gaza Genocide

Genocide Propaganda


6) UN’s “reasonable grounds” for Hamas rape accusations sourced to Zionist regime – no independent verification

7) Israel’s Psych-War Is Relentless, Vicious and Deliberate

8) Feb 29 “flour massacre”: more than 80% of patients had been struck by gunfire

Axis of Resistance

9) Houthi missile attack sets ship ablaze in Gulf of Aden as assaults escalate and more attacks follow including at least one fatal one

10)  3 Red Sea data cables cut as Houthis launch more attacks in the vital waterway

11) Iran seizes US oil cargo in Persian Gulf per judicial order

12) Islamic Resistance in Iraq targets power station at Haifa airport

Arab Pushback

13) Egyptian police officer arrested after waving Palestinian flag

14) Why Are Arab Regimes So Impotent in the Face of Zionist Barbarism?

15) The Disturbing Reason Why Muslim Countries Don’t Help Palestine

Golden Age Over? 

16) The Golden Age Of American Jews Is Ending

17) America Is a Gentile Nation

18) The Jews Want You to Watch Them Mass Murdering Little Kids

19) Blood Libel Action (Ron Unz Vs. the Bolshy Jews)

20) Redemption through genocide (update of satanic “messiah” Sabatai Zevi’s “redemption through sin”)


21) The Collapse of the American Empire, Part II: Economics

22) Victoria Nuland, third-highest ranking US diplomat and critic of Russia’s war in Ukraine, retiring

War on “Isolated” Russia

23) Global South Youth Flocks to ‘Isolated’ Russia

24) The Global South Converges to Multipolar Moscow

25) Lavrov on Western interference of Russia’s upcoming election

26) Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answers to questions during a special session of a large MGIMO discussion programme combined with the 7th Global Forum of Young Diplomats, Russia and Its Role in Shaping a Multipolar World, Sochi, March 4, 2024 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (

Canadian Hate

27) Liberals’ “online hate” bill contains $70K fines for speech and life imprisonment for hate crimes

28) Christianity becoming illegal in Canada


29) SHOCKING Lawsuit Filed Against Rapper Sean “P Diddy” Combs with Claims of Sex Trafficking, Drugging Underage Girls, Shootings, Coverups and More – Names J-Lo, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Stevie J.

30) “Why Scientists Love Chasing Bats. The threat to humans from animal viruses is small. The financial incentive to pretend otherwise is large”/ WSJ

31) After 217 Covid Vaccines, Man Had No Side Effects and Robust Immunity (NYT)

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