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FFWN: #GazaHolocaust: Who Dares to Use a Fire Extinguisher?

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1) Help FFWN smite the defilers

WTC-7: Dore Opens

2) Prof. Hulsey Dismantles NIST’s WTC 7 Claims on Jimmy Dore Show – Landing 62K Views in One Day!

3) Jimmy Dore Interviews Dr. Leroy Hulsey about the University of Alaska WTC 7 Study


4) NYT: Israel “Propped Up” Hamas

5) Despite Intel Warnings, IDF didn’t inform the Nova Festival – Haaretz

Major Losses

6) 9 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza City ambush in sign that Hamas resistance is still strong

7) Over 5,000 Israeli Soldiers Injured Since October 7th War, 2,000 Now Disabled

7.5) Abu Obeida Says Al-Qassam Has Destroyed 100 Israeli Vehicles in Past 5 Days

8) Israel’s war on Gaza means Arab normalisation is ‘off the table’: Experts

9) US Alone After Gaza Veto

What Really Happened

10) Fresh testimony reveals how Israel killed captives in Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7

11) US and Israeli mass rape propaganda, without credible evidence, is being used to justify Gaza genocide

12) Israeli Man Poses as Hamas Attack Survivor for Scam, Donations

13) Lying Genocide Propagandist Steven Spielberg Smears Hamas

14) American Pravda: The Nakba and the Holocaust

Real Atrocities

15) A Week Like No Other Washington’s shameful behavior marks a new low for the Biden Administration

16) Israeli Forces Killed Palestinians Huddled Inside Gaza School, Including Women, Children: Report

17) Israeli Soldiers Sing “I’m Coming to Occupy Gaza” and “Wipe off the Seed of Amalek”

18) Israeli regime turning to Western mercenary groups (Seed of Amalek) to back its war on Gaza s

19) Israeli soldiers set fire to Gazan supplies in Shujaiya Neighborhood

20) Israel flooding Hamas tunnels – WSJ Will they “accidentally” kill more of their own captives?

21) Death and Destruction in Gaza (John Mearsheimer)

Only Liars Censor

22) “To fight antisemitism on campuses, we must restrict speech” (WaPo)

23) Israel Rounds Up Palestinians for Social Media Posts

Culture War

24) Piers Morgan Sparks Backlash by Calling Muslim Women ‘Oppressed’

25) Anti-woke activists are winning the culture war – the Economist

26) What the Heck is Trantifa?

27) Teacher to remain in prison over gender pronouns row

28) Seattle Student Fails Quiz After Answering That Men Can’t Get Pregnant

29) Polish MP takes fire extinguisher to Hanukkah candles (VIDEOS)


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