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FFWN: Elon Goes to “Israel” & Henry Goes to Hell (with E. Michael Jones)

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1) Help FFWN disrespect the dead (the evil ones anyway)

Breaking News

2) A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending. (Robert Kagan in WaPo)

3) Did Robert Kagan Just Call for the Assassination of Donald Trump?

Good Riddance

4) Henry Kissinger is dead at 100 

5) Kissinger Arrives in Hell – Appointed Permanent National Security Advisor

5.5) Henry Kissinger: ‘If it were not for the accident of my birth, I would be antisemitic.’

6) A People’s Obituary of Henry Kissinger For decades, Kissinger kept the great wheel of American militarism spinning ever forward.

Israel Knew?

6.5) Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago (NYT)

Obsequious Self-Abasement

7) Elon Musk Wields Starlink in Israel to Curb Uproar Over Antisemitism

8) Elon Musk Says “No Choice” But to Kill Six Million Israeli Jews

9) Argentina’s Javier Milei Visits the Ohel, Gravesite of Lubavitcher Rebbe, Before Meeting U.S. Officials

Occupied America

10) Nearly the entire US House of Representatives just equated anti-Zionist to anti-semitism

11) American Pravda: Gaza and the Antisemitism Hoax

12) Thousands leave behind American lives to join Israel’s war in Gaza

13) White House grapples with internal divisions on Israel-Gaza (WaPo)

14) On Gaza Biden Has To Climb Down More Than He Already Has

Israel Shreds Truce, Resumes Genocide

15) THE MOST BIZARRE HAMAS HOSTAGE RELEASE VIDEO: Jokes, smiles, handshakes & hugs! Terrorists❤️Hostages

16) Gaza ‘truce’ won’t halt the regional war

17) ‘Stopping Gaza war = government dissolution’: Ben Gvir 

18) Israel’s ground war conundrum: While Tel Aviv may intensify its bombardment of Gaza after the truce, this disguises the fact that its ground incursion is facing unprecedented dangers ahead.

Protesting Genocide

19) Manhattan Bridge shut down protesting Israeli plans to resume genocide


War on Women and Children

21) Five tiny infants died starving, cold and alone. Their bodies decomposed. They were still connected to ventilation and intravenous tubes, 17 days after Israeli soldiers stormed the al-Nasr pediatric hospital and ordered doctors to leave

22) Why are so many Palestinian women being killed in Israel’s war on Gaza? The United Nations says women and children make up 70 percent of the dead.

23) More explosive power used against Gaza in a month than on Hiroshima (VIDEO)

24) Israel’s Savagery Is So Shocking It’s Sometimes Hard To Take In

Pathological Liars & Pornographers as Well as Genocide Perps

25) HATE HOAX: Israeli-German Singer Admits He Lied About Hotel Discriminating Against Him for Being Jewish

26) Zionist Spiritual Grooming Gangs: Kabbalistic Reading of the Pornography Industry

COVID Fallout

27) Limited Hangout: Robert Kadlec Forced to Cover for Fauci?

28) Cuomo Aide: How We Killed New York

Russia Rises, West Navelgazes


30) Its Official – U.S. & UK Pressed Ukraine To Reject Peace Deal With Russia

31) NYT Op-ed Navelgaze: “This is what my belly looks like”

One Thought to “FFWN: Elon Goes to “Israel” & Henry Goes to Hell (with E. Michael Jones)”

  1. I want to share a provocative thought with both honorable gentlemen.

    Could the reason for (former) eastern-European Jews, currently making up the majority of the Israeli population, and somehow regarding themselves as Semites, perhaps be found in the delusional German racial laws, applied from the early thirties to the mid-forties? Promoting specifically this group of people as a genetically distinctive race.

    Would an Ashkenazi Jew in Ukraine, having been asked in say 1932, actually have regarded himself as a Semite, or merely as a member of the tribe of Israel? A tribe in its original, rather metaphysical form: a people of God, encompassing a variety, of genetically diverse backgrounds.

    I would propose the idea that the Ashkenazi at some point in time have started to believe the Nazi-propaganda; distancing themselves from their fellow human beings ever more, making the actual Semites in the holy-land suffer the consequences of an apparently incurable mental confusion. Whether this was intended to happen in this way I do not dare to speculate about, but it does seem to me the circle of racial madness may have started in the third Reich, but it had to wait for an entity such as Israel to come to its final completion.

    Kind regards Robbert,

    Munich (of all places 😉)

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