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FFWN: 9/11’s 22nd: A Good Time to #BanTheADL

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1) Help FFWN Tell 9/11 Truth & #BanTheADL

9/11’s 22nd

2) 9/11, 22 Years Later: Will We Ever Get the Truth?

3) 9/11 Anniversary Events: Lawyers’ Committee Symposium  9/11 Truth Film Festival  AE911Truth Broadcast


4) Musk threatens to sue ADL for trying to kill X (Twitter) wth bogus allegations of anti-Semitism

5) #BanTheADL and the Fight for Free Speech

6) Why Elon Can’t #BanheADL Even if He Wanted To

War on Russia

7) Musk cut internet to Ukraine’s military as it was attacking Russian fleet (WaPo)

War on China

8) As The U.S. Wages War On It China Reacts With Defiance

9) Media Say … Gloom And Doom In China


10) The Rise of the BRICS and the Fall of the USSA?

11) The à la carte world: our new geopolitical order (Financial Times)

Unequal Treatment

12) After Booking, Mugshot, Trump Top Choice for Most Republican Voters: Poll

13) Tucker Carlson on How the Media Covered for Obama’s Personal Pleasures in 2008

Show Trials

14) Ex-Leader of Proud Boys Sentenced to 22 Years in Jan. 6 Sedition Case

15) 17 years in federal prison for tearing down a fence…

16) Did Mohamed Atta’s Pink-Haired Stripper Girlfriend Mastermind the Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot?


17) Using an Attack Dog, Israeli Women Soldiers Forced Palestinian Women to Undress

18) Israel is an ‘apartheid state’ – former Mossad chief


19) Dr. Pierre Kory: New York Times Guide to Fall Vaccine Shots Is ‘Disinformation’

20) Proof of a mRNA Disaster! A Buried England mRNA Data Avalanche has been Exposed

21) Comedian Mona Shaikh: Antivaxxers to the Gas Chambers? No, COVID Itself Is the Final Solution! (FLASHBACK)

Un-Islamic Military Thug Regimes

22) Parents in Pakistan could be jailed for polio vaccine refusal

23) Pakistan ex-diplomat likens Imran Khan’s overthrow to Egypt’s coup against Morsi

24) Algerian Coast Guard Kills Jet Skiers at Moroccan Border

DEW Debate

25) Unnatural Causes – Malone Investigates the Maui “Wild” Fires

26) The Trees of Lahaina Interview with arborist sparks firestorm controversy about Directed-Energy Weapons

Weird Times? End Times? Or What?

27) Extreme heat poses heightened death risk for those with schizophrenia

28) Context of Assaults on Humanity

29) X-Files: I Want to Brazil (WaPo on US UFO secrecy vs. Brazil openness)

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