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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: To Buy or Sell, You Must Get Chipped and Send Selfie, Data to Unit 8200 (FFWN with E. Michael Jones)

Full uncensored FFWN normally posted above by 1 pm Eastern time Saturdays—but this week’s show posted Thursday due to guest’s availability

This week’s commentator: Dr. E. Michael Jones


1) Help FFWN keep an eye on Unit 8200

War on Russia

2) Wagner chief listed among passengers on crashed plane – officials

3) Wagner boss announces major move ‘to make Russia greater’

4) MacGregor to Tucker: End It Now or Else

5) Ukrainian Parliament Poised to Legalize Porn Production, Claims Will Help Fund Military

Trump & Biden

6) Tucker Carlson asks Trump: Are you worried ‘they’re going to try and kill you?’ (127 million views and counting—crushes Fox’s “debate”)

7) The Democrats’ Biden Problem

8) “Set your watches”: Experts say there’s “no chance” Trump won’t violate strict bond conditions  Jokes about “fleeing with Vladimir”

Viva Vivek!

9) Vivek Ramaswamy Tweets for 9/11 Truth

10) US Republican candidates clash over support for Israel


11) Madness: American Satirist C.J. Hopkins Sentenced in German Speech Case

12) Tracking Orwellian Change: The Aristocratic Takeover of “Transparency”


13) X Blue users will need to send selfie, data to Israeli software company

14) Palestinian fighters carried out 19 retaliatory attacks in past 24 hours: Report–Center

15) More than 200 Palestinians, nearly 30 Israelis killed so far this year: UN

16) Mosque Day Commemorates 1969 al-Aqsa Arson

War on Iran

17) Biden Abandons Sanctions Against Iran, NYScum Whines

18) Iran unveils attack drone capable of striking Israel

19) Hundreds of migrants killed by Saudi border guards – report


20) Bradley Cooper accused of ‘Jewface’ over fake nose in ‘Maestro’; Leonard Bernstein’s children defend the prosthetic

21) ‘Oppenheimer,’ ‘Golda,’ ‘Maestro’: Will the Real Jewish Actors Please Stand Up?

22) ‘Hercules’ actor Kevin Sorbo says Hollywood canceled him because of his Christian beliefs

Holocaust Religion

23) Why Jewish chaplain sees her atheism as a gift

24) “The Holocaust” and Nuclear Holocaust

Young People These Days

25) Fewer young adults drink alcohol as marijuana grows more popular, Gallup poll finds

26) I left the church — and now long for a ‘church for the nones’

Vaccine Zombies

27) Moderna CEO made $400M last year—2,435x the median salary of employees

28) What Really Happened Inside the COVID-19 Vaccine Trials? 

29) How The Music Video “Vaccine Zombie” Predicted COVID-19

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