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FFWN: Another Week’s Worth of Orwellian WTF

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This week’s guest commentator: Cat McGuire


0) Help FFWN whale away at Orwellian WTF

1) I will miss Allan Rees, unsung hero & 9/11 truth radio pioneer and broadcaster of the annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival  and the annual 9/11 Lawyers Committee Symposium

1.5) 9/11, 22 Years Later: Will We Ever Get the Truth?


2) Gofundme freezes Grayzone fundraiser ‘due to some external concerns’

3) Judge Rejects RFK Jr’s Request for Order Blocking Google From Censoring Him

4) Google hiding websites of Trump and other Biden challengers – report

5) Censorship or free speech? Supreme Court likely to decide on ‘momentous’ question: Republican governors looked to limit the ability of social media companies to police content

6) Peterson Loses Court Battle, Ordered to Attend ‘Re-education’

7) Top Law Schools Promote Ditching The Constitution

8) Tracking Orwellian Change: New Meanings of “Deep State” and “Working Class”

Shoot Everybody!

9) Biden plans to ask Congress for funding to develop new COVID vaccine, may require shot for all: The announcement comes near a year after Biden declared the pandemic was ‘over’

10) mRNA Covid jabs damage immune responses in children


11) “Unnatural evolution”: indisputable evidence for deliberate and systematic creation of circulating covid variants

12) Who’s Making the Variants?

13) Hawaiian Electric Denies Responsibility for Maui Fires, Claims Power Lines Were Shut Off Hours Before the Wildfire Started


14) Nigeriens Besiege French Sites

15) A ‘coup’ in Gabon: Who, what and why?

16) Imran Khan remains in prison despite suspension of sentence in Toshakhana case

BRICS Bashes Buck

17) BRICS 11 – Strategic Tour de Force

18) Saudi Education Ministry directive for 2 weekly Chinese language class

19) Doomsday for the Buck? “A Reserve Currency Is No Longer Needed”


20) Escaping Attrition: Ukraine Rolls the Dice

21) National Archives Confirms Existence of 5,400 Emails, Records Containing Alleged VP Biden Pseudonyms

War on Trump

22) Vivek Ramaswamy: Trump’s Political Heir? Trump agrees:

23) Proud Boys leaders sentenced to a combined 32 years for Jan. 6 riot Then two more sentenced to combined 18 years

24) Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd, who shot Ashli Babbitt, PROMOTED to Captain

25) “The More You Indict, The More We Unite!” – Black Social Media Erupts For Trump

Crimes of Zion

26) West Bank: Spike in Israeli Killings of Palestinian Children

27) Alex Jones brushes off request to interview Guyenot on Zionism and JFK-9/11


28) Tucker Carlson Apologizes To Hungary On Behalf Of America, Slams ‘Disgusting’ US Ambassador Over Lack Of Diplomacy

29) The Looting Conspiracy

30) Man lights newspapers on fire in NYC subway (eloquent critique of MSM?)

4 Thoughts to “FFWN: Another Week’s Worth of Orwellian WTF”

  1. John Graves

    Bitchute is a mess. A search for “False Flag Weekly news” or “Kevin Barrett” only yields videos that are a year old or much older.

  2. Arden Kirkman

    see Robert Brame – Forensic Arborist (see Zero Hedge)

    My very healthy 55 yr.-old friend died at 56 yrs-old in 2009 from ALS had gone to Africa in 2008. Vaccines?

    (Kevin, why is the print here so light. I can hardly see to type?)

  3. John Graves

    Regarding your Gordon Duff interview, which was wonderful, it looks like he got his facts wrong on the marriage of Imran Khan to Jemima Goldsmith. The Wikipedia listing reports they were married in 1995 and divorced in 2004. They had two children. If I’m not mistaken, Duff claims they were married for only two months.

  4. Maisoon

    Just dont understand why Kevin you dont find the Maui fire as suspicious?? Cat laid out all the inconsistencies and failure of the authorities to help the people escape the fires and coercing them to sell their burnt homes to make way for Realtor plans to build special cities for the privileged. You really should look at more Video footage instead of skimming through which is useless as you cannot reach the truth by just ‘skimming’ instead delving deep and asking questions. This literally Kevin was a Holocaust of Maui, a burnt offering to the Globalists for their Smart Cities!!

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