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LIVE RADIO! Meryl Nass on COVID/Censorship; Barry Kissin on “Blame the Russians”

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Meryl Nass, MD discusses Judge Doughty’s anti-censorship ruling (Missouri v. Biden); CISA’s efforts to overthrow the First Amendment; new studies showing COVID vaccine harm; the state of religious exemptions to vaccine requirements (full disclosure: my family and I have been taking them—the exemptions, not the vaccines—since the 1990s); efforts to defund the WHO, WEF, and censorship; and more.

with Barry at NOI Million Man March

Second hour: 2001 anthrax attack/bioweapons expert Barry Kissin says the whole blame-the-Russians thing is getting out of hand. He thinks my latest satirical article isn’t much crazier than the reality it mocks: “Ex-Intel Officials: Teenage Hookers, Laptop, Ukrainian Payoff and Cocaine Found at White House Doesn’t Belong to Hunter Biden: It’s Probably Just Russian Disinfo, Say the Experts.”


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