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FFWN: COVID Origins and “Absurd Allegations”

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COVID Origins

2) GOP probes covid origin paper as authors protest ‘absurd’ allegations  

3) RFK Jr.: CIA Funded Wuhan Lab

(Un)Dead Kennedys

4) RFK Jr.: Vaccines Were a Military Operation, NOT “Public Health”

5) Roger Stone Says Trump Told Him the Remaining Classified JFK Assassination Documents Were “So Horrible”

War on Free Speech

6) Ron Paul: Federal Court Makes This July 4th A True Independence Day but then on Friday Federal Appeals Court grants Biden’s request to keep censoring

7) CISA Censored Americans “to Protect Cognitive Infrastructure”

8) Covid Censorship Proved to Be Deadly

9) Where Have All The Liberals Gone?

10) Will Ray Epps Sue Fox?

11) Burning of the Quran and the Counter-offensive: Why the West is Panicking

War on Russia

12) Biden Calls Up Reserves, Sends 3000 More Troops to Europe (to March on Moscow in Footsteps of Hitler & Napoleon?)

13) Zelensky slams Biden’s ‘unprecedented and absurd’ stance on NATO membership

14) Zelensky Is a Jewish Grandmother: “You Never Write, You Never Call, You Never Send F-16s”

15) G.O.P.’s Far Right Seeks to Use Defense Bill to Defund Ukraine War Effort

War on China

16) Air Force general who predicted war with China leads ‘unprecedented’ training exercise

17) The One Chart That Explains Everything (Chinese High-Speed Rail 2008-2020)


War on France

19) 25 Truths About the Death of Young Nahel in France

20) Street Protests In France Do Not Represent “An Invasion”, It Is The Other Way Around

War on Palestine

21) The Meaning of Jenin

22) Israeli forces will no longer confiscate guns from settlers who shoot Palestinians: Minister

Humanborn Humans, Media “Fresh Blood”

23) Humanborn Humans Unite!

24) Tucker Carlson Starting New Media Company

25) Disney Produced Cartoon Features Illuminati-Style Elites Drinking Blood and Sacrificing People

Support the Tranny Troops

26) US Troops Auto-Emasculate to Ward Off Suicide

27) CDC Becomes Public Laughing Stock Over Transgender Male Breast Feeding Guidance

28) Nearly 40% of students at Ivy League school identify as LGBTQ

29) Salon forced to close after refusing to wax transgender woman’s male genitalia

Urine & Feces

30) California Reparations Task Force: Pay Descendants of Enslaved People to Urinate in Public

31) Russian agents ‘left feces’ in US official’s suitcase – WSJ

2 Thoughts to “FFWN: COVID Origins and “Absurd Allegations””

  1. harold burbank

    hello kevin. this article has earmarks of serious c19 origins and purposes investigation but avoids troubling facts known to some lawyers and victims of bioweapons. to us it is obvious c19 and vax belong to the ‘binary class’ of bioweapons – those where the ‘virus’ (c19) and vax are designed to interact for maximum impact. the literature on this subject includes at least one case where a usa based weapons scientist for reasons that are not clear apparently threatened his bosses with exposing the facts and illegality of the research being done at a usa university and was consequently murdered in the lab with the weapon (intentional exposure). the family have pursued justice in the usa legal system with no justice to date. the iran elites cases surely point to facts that more than one version of the weapon exists as north italy disease symptoms, lethality and control was more extreme in that attack compared to others. facts exist in north italy indicating similarly extreme conditions compared to the rest of the world, where it is alleged hubdreds of healthcare workers died, including about 60 doctors. this is just a small sample of discussion and evidence on the net since 2019. bioweapons expert-law professor frank boyle apparently has acknowledged a good deal pf it, which to my knowledge rfk jr., mery nass, rion unz and surely congress have not. curiously ‘radical’ bishop carlo vigano recently called for mass local, national and international resistance against c19 attack perpetrators. the bishop has it right in my view that not only were the attacks man made and planned, but that they are not particularly geo-politically motivated, versus china, iran or anyone else, but the whole of humanity. why else would all of humanity be threatened but to attempt to bring it all under control by fear? the bishop, a former vatican ambassador to the usa, with as good connections to that world as anyone, is in a position to know exactly what these weapons are, who built them, and why. it is time to connect all of these dots before more attacks occur.

    1. harold burbank

      note the comment above should be edited thus: ‘the iran elites case surely points to facts that more than one version of the weapon exists as disease symptoms , lethality and control was more extreme in the iran attack than elsewhere.’ thanks. hb

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