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FFWN: Bobby Kennedy Is Winning? (with E. Michael Jones)


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Breaking News

2) Mercenary boss Prigozhin seizes southern city in Russia’s first insurrection for decades — Putin addresses nation


3) Tucker Carlson: Bobby Kennedy Is Winning

4) Vax-Pushing Debate Dodger Linked To ‘Chimeric’ Coronavirus Creation In Wuhan

5) Why Is RFK Jr. Shilling for the People Who Killed His Father?

6) Why Robert Kennedy Jr.’s 2024 Bid Is a Headache for Biden

7) YouTube says it removed Jordan Peterson interview of RFK Jr. for violating vaccine policy

8) Trump, Kennedy Struck Down by “Magic Bullet”

War on Russia

9) Russia Advances in Ukraine as Zelenskyy Stresses: ‘We Have No Lost Positions’

10) Early stages of Ukrainian counteroffensive ‘not meeting expectations,’ Western officials tell CNN

11) The false counter-offensive and the refusal of good offices

12) Dmitry Trenin: The US and its allies are playing ‘Russian Roulette’. You’d almost think they want a nuclear war

War on Palestine

13) Israel humliated in Jenin—7 armored vehicles destroyed

14) Hamas politburo chief says Israel in worst situation ever

Two Pakistans

15) In missing submersible and migrant disaster, a tale of two Pakistans 

16) Imran Khan: The conspiracy against me

Culture Wars

17) The Hidden Grammar of the Dodgers-Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Controversy

18) Thousands of Christians Protested at Dodgers Stadium Against Drag Queens who Mock Christ

19) Christian, Muslim parents unite to get ‘groomers’ out of Alberta schools

19.5) 18.5) Meet Your New Allies (Muslims and conservative Christians)

20) Inside a conservative confab for young women, where feminism is a lie

21) Leaked docs reveal Fox Corp. pushing radical LGBT ‘pride’ agenda on employees

22) Christian School Teaching Assistant Wins Case After Being Fired For Posts Alleging Transgender “Brainwashing” of Kids

23) A Jewish teacher resigned due to antisemitic comments from a 12-year-old student, who’s facing criminal charges

24) Parents of 13 Year-Old Girl Called “Despicable” by Teacher for Standing Up to Trans Ideology Say How Proud They Are of Her

25) Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert felt a lot like going to Mass

26) The Largest and Fastest Religious Shift in America Is Well Underway

End Times

27) Cormac McCarthy Had a Remarkable Literary Career. It Could Never Happen Now.

28) Welcome to the “End Times”: Peter Turchin saw this coming — and says we can still prevent collapse–and-says-we-can-still-prevent-collapse/

29) BlackRock Recruiter: “We Run the World” (who needs Antichrist when you’ve got Larry Fink?)

30) Titanic tour CEO Stockton Rush said he didn’t hire ’50-year-old white guys’ because they were NOT ‘inspirational’ – as footage emerges of him boasting of previous ‘invulnerable’ sub designed to explore ‘unsinkable’ Titanic

31) Bus 666 No Longer Goes To Hel Poland After Protest From Christian Conservatives

2 Thoughts to “FFWN: Bobby Kennedy Is Winning? (with E. Michael Jones)”

  1. Patrick Pappano

    In addition to the explanation of incompetence in the loss of the submersible, it is also reasonable to contemplate that any visual of the “Titanic” will disclose that the ship at the bottom of the seas is really the Olympic, calling into question the Titanic narrative. The Rothschilds cannot have this history revealed and so if incompetence didn’t do it, the submersible probably got the same treatment as John F. Kennedy Jr’s plane, blown out of the sky to prevent a real Kennedy President.

  2. Annelies

    Brilliant. E Mike is sharp, witty and knowledgeable. One idea that hit me was that it’s probably the Obama’s who are behind the Wokeness propaganda, ‘since they’re such an odd couple’. I had never thought of this, but it IS said that they are still very influential and powerful…..
    Thanks, Kevin and E Mike!

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