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E. Michael Jones on “Antisemitic Elon,” Trans Terror, 75th Anniversary of Palestinian Nakba, and More! (False Flag Weekly News)

Full uncensored FFWN posted above by noon Central time Saturdays.


1) Don’t Let the Zionists Shrink FFWN or police our thoughts

1.5) And Relocate to Become Sustainable

Nakba’s 75th

2) Abbas calls on UN to oust Israel at world body’s first ‘Nakba Day’ commemoration

3) “We left everything behind” — the Nakba at 75

4) OUR CATASTROPHE: A photo essay to mark the 75th anniversary of the Nakba.

Debt Ceiling

5) GOP plans to cut defense suddenly lost in debt ceiling debate

Who Will Lead Turkey and Pakistan?

6) Erdogan ahead in first round of Turkey elections

7) Ex-Pakistan PM Khan says police surrounded his home in Lahore

War on Russia

8) Zelensky, in private, plots bold attacks inside Russia, leak shows

9) Military Caught Airman Mishandling Secrets Before Arrest but Left Him in Job

10) With Upgraded Missiles, Ukraine Prepares to Strike Russian Heartland Despite Assurances

11) RADIOACTIVE PANIC: Russians Missiles Hit Ukrainian Ammunition Depot in Khmelnytsky Causing Massive Explosion – Cache of British Depleted Uranium Tank Shells Destroyed – Gamma Radiation Spikes in the Region’s Atmosphere

12) Iran, Russia sign deal on construction of strategic Rasht-Astara railway


13) Should the Left Give RFK, Jr. a Chance?

14) The Courage of RFK Jr.

15) Trump Vows to Release All JFK Assassination Files If Reelected


16) Durham report slams FBI’s Trump-Russia probe

17) Dominion Voting Systems pressed on role in Tucker Carlson firing

Epstein Lives!

18) Chomsky, Botstein admit to dealings with Epstein – WSJ

19) Arrested For Accusing Bill Gates Of Epstein Connections – Peter Flaherty Reacts!

Dueling Naomis

20) Naomi Klein investigates ‘conspiracy theory culture’ that has shaken her life: Doppelganger, due out this autumn, examines ‘the wildness of right now’, including personal issues arising from being confused with Naomi Wolf

Anti-Semitism Watch

21) Elon Musk accused of fuelling anti-Semitism after claiming Soros ‘hates humanity’

22) Biden speaks out against ‘antisemitic bile’ during Jewish American Heritage Month celebration

23) Biden’s Minyan and the Holocaust Narrative

Culture Wars

24) Why Jews Condemned the Life and Ignored the Death of Harry Belafonte

25) North Carolina bans abortion past 12 weeks, overriding governor veto

26) Can $5 Million Cash Reparations Bring Black Residents Back to San Francisco?

27) #TransTerrorism and Notre Dame

What a Drag

28) L.A. Dodgers Will Honor Drag Group Mocking Catholics: ‘Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence’

29) US Navy Enlists Drag Queen For ‘Digital Ambassador’ Role To Attract More Recruits

30) LGBTQInfant: Target Releases LGBTQ+ Clothes for Babies, Kids

31) Man (not Sam Brinton?!) indicted in theft of ‘Wizard of Oz’ ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland

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