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FFWN: Can RFK Jr. Save America? (with E. Michael Jones)


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2024 Race Heats Up

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4) Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Soon to Announce White House Run, Sows Doubts About Vaccines

5) Activists with “Jail Fauci” T-Shirts Crash Hearing on Covid Origins. Representatives Bicker and Blame China While Minimizing Scrutiny to US Institutions.

6) Protesters stormed the stage and yelled ‘Jews against DeSantis’ while the Florida governor spoke at a GOP fundraising event



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9) Declassified Guantanamo court filing suggests some 9/11 hijackers were CIA agents

10) Ehaab Bayoumi: “My Great-Uncle Omar Babysat Two Alleged 9/11 Hijackers for CIA-MI6-Mossad” (flashback) 

War on Journalism

11) Journalist Matt Taibbi threatened with prison time for perjury by top Democrat over Twitter Files testimony

12) Facebook Hersh Denial: Labels Top US Investigative Reporter’s Story “False”

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20) Thieving ‘Non-Binary’ Biden Official Was Still Paid Taxpayer-Funded Six-Figure Salary While Facing Felony

21) The media wants to pretend Berenson v Biden doesn’t exist

Those Lovable Israelis

22) Israeli forces attack Christians during Holy Saturday

23) Persecuted Christians In Israel Are Being Ethnically Cleansed. Is Anybody Listening?

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25) Student with 2 published books, 4.2 GPA and 1560 SAT score rejected by Harvard, MIT, Yale and Princeton

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Alien Motherships

30) Recent UFO sightings could be probes from an alien mothership, says Pentagon official

9 Thoughts to “FFWN: Can RFK Jr. Save America? (with E. Michael Jones)”


    The organization that organized the killing of JFK was Permindex, which was based in Montreal. One of the Bloomfield brothers headed it; the Bloomfields were nephews of Mortimer B. Davis, himself a nephew of Samuel Bronfman, the King of Gangsters who delivered truck loads of booze to Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, etc., during the Prohibition Era. The other director of Permindex was Ferenc Nagy, the leader of Hungary right after WWII. The Bloomfields were OSS agents and worked during WWII with Allen Dulles. One of the hit teams was composed of Corsicans. The1974 film “Executive Action” showed how triangulated fire was used for the assassination. Another hit team was the ultra-secret Div. 5 of the FBI. The Montreal newspaper Le Devoir gave out the details of the plot in June of 1967 but guess what? it can’t be found. Another film was made with Warren Beatty playing the lead role, “The Parallax View”; Parallax was a substitute for Permindex.

    1. Funny how Jim Garrison didn’t really mention the ethnic angle

  2. JoAnne

    Sorry, Kevin, I’ve been an admirer of your articulate truthtelling for several years, yet the the diatribe about the abortion pill, lynching of CT, feminism (and a few other questionable asides) have outraged me utterly. Mr. Jones is a raving maniac and I cannot believe you could entertain such reactionary beliefs about women, reproduction, affirmative action, race and gas chambers. I loved you walking your cat, views on Palestine, 9/11, Plandemic, et al, but this is too much. You won’t lose any $ as I am an aged, dirt poor grandmother with a master’s degree—but I am bailing. If life is sacred, then motherhood is sacred. That includes her body and her conscience. Forced reproduction in all forms is male supremacy over and exploitation of women. I am appalled.

    1. I. Rose

      Thank you! I’ve been struggling to articulate my response to Mr. Jones & Kevin’s continued discourse on abortion, in particular. There is something unseemly (indecent) to being exposed to two older, religious, gentlemen gleefully discussing intimate female processes.
      Here’s my take on this issue. Compartmentalism, the ‘Scientific Method’ of atomizing all life has given us ‘Abortions’ — ‘A Thing’ — to debate, diagnose, legislate… all but to return it to where it belongs, to the female, woman’s body in it’s autonomy, processes and relationships (symbiosis)to her environment.
      See Laurent Guyénot’s (UZreview,) recent reference to John M. Riddle, “Eve’s Herbs A History of Contraception and Abortion in the West.” A history predating Western Civilization in millennia.

  3. These FFWN are always the same; KB throws some batting practice fastball over the middle of tbe plate;
    EMJ hits them all out of the park 😉

  4. John Graves

    Let me put it this way. E Mike Jones is my least favorite guest on your show.

    1. amanda

      Can you give reasons why EMJ is your least favorite? I personally welcome his lived experience as an eyewitness to the time before I was born. My least favorite guest is Jeremy Rothe-Kushel. His inability to call Palestine ‘Palestine’, but ‘israel-Palestine’ showed his true zionist loyalty. I miss Tony Hall and there needs to be more Alan Sabrosky.

  5. Some Stranger on the Internet

    Dear John Graves,

    Well, Micheal E. Jones is my favorite guest, and I think you are suffering from a rather severe case of “poor taste” if you disagree with my preference and my opinions .. and by “poor taste,” I mean that you have an intelligence level equal to or lower than a fermenting yeast colony.

    I bring up the yeast colony because – BEER.. and sports and all of the other empty, vain Jew-stractions that control a brain-dead drone like yourself and blind you from reality.

    The Demiurge’s matricized world imprisons all those souls who have allowed themselves to become attached to its kaleidoscope of color, sound, and sensation. Those who have allowed themselves to be shackled to the material world in exchange for the transient delights of the flesh have endangered the Divine Spark within, threatening to extinguish it in the surging waters of chaos. They live in
    pleasant intoxication in a world of momentary pleasures flitting like a bee from flower to flower and expending their life force, having to return to the hive with the nectar they thought was their possession and bestow it upon the queen.

    Their life’s blood is drained once their service as a drone is completed, cannibalized by the hierarchy of darkness which controls this hive of lower density..

    It is a beehive structure with each drone placed in its six-sided hexagram (all severed from the others as an individual and yet still apart of the hive). The drone has no characteristics save a vacuous undifferentiated, uniform appearance and function, no different from the rest but still an ‘individual,’ a bee in the hive bound in service to the queen.

    The service of the drone slave is enforced by the soldier bees whose duty it is to prevent any rogue element from destabilizing the organization of the hive. The rogue element is the greatest threat to the hive and is perpetually sought amidst the teeming multitude of drone workers.

    Any subtle sign of difference is made a note of and entered into the database of the hive, and should sufficient signs be noted to justify a response a soldier or two are dispatched to investigate-indeed; in the hive, all drones are indoctrinated to fulfill the function of spies and to make notes on one another to enforce the operations of the hive and its controlling hierarchy, enslaving themselves in the process.

    The hive unifies when under attack by rogue elements and falls upon them, rending them and destroying them as a threat, as a being representing actual organic difference that is not something the hierarchy can cope with. The death’s head moth is that threat from without that is also a unifying force and that all of the hive seeks to cast out of itself or else is destroyed by this predator. Those drones with the potential to go ‘rogue’ must learn a lesson from this eternal predator and adopt his behaviors.

    The cube of chaos that is the matrix of zion contains within itself chaos-the chaos of fragmented and degenerated forms of life-excrescence of once pure organic forms that have been transferred over generations into devolved products of higher beings and whose behavior is the excrescence of excrescence (themselves), creating ever more chaos until the breaking point when the matrix itself explodes through its own internal pressure, the jarring cacophony of disparate forces which war with one another for dominance in the manifestation of their own will to power, their own self-assertion and
    vital striving, the stronger force overcoming the weaker and all being overcome by the Demiurge, which in turn overcomes itself through its own death drive.

    The cube of chaos destroys itself-if it is not first destroyed by the return of the force of the light of the black sun, melting the rings of Saturn and dissolving the bars of the matrix prison, liberating the souls within in the eternal return of the cycles of time.

    Only those who have managed to break the chains which bind them to the phenomenal world can attain salvation, and this is through detachment from the material world. This is not the coward’s escapism into a fantasy land of milk and honey but the hero’s combat against the dark forces and the termination of the hierarchy, which enslaves the drones in the hive.

    Many are called to combat, but few are chosen as warriors. The selection process is made through active resistance and opposition in the arena of the ‘octagon’, the two-dimensional representation of the hypercube of the dark forces which imprisons the souls on this earth in their degenerating forms.

    To put an end to the chaos requires not love but the application of the ‘Law’, of Cosmic, Divine Order.

    E. Micheal Jones is a warrior for Logos, for the organizing principle of the Universe. He fights for Truth, Human flourishing,for the Upward Productive Evolutionary Movement of the Human Species, and for the Divine Order….. and “let me put it this way” I will not allow some sub-80-IQ KnuckleHead ape to stand in his way.

    With best Regards.

    Some Stranger on the Internet

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