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Edward Curtin Faces “Clear Evidence of Peril in a Country of Lies”

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Edward Curtin discusses his new article (headlined today at “Facing Clear Evidence of Peril in a Country of Lies.” It opens with an Oliver Stone quote: “In my seventy-plus years from 1946 to now, the chorus of fear-mongering bullshit has never ceased – only grown louder. The joke is on us. Ha Ha Ha.” And goes on from there…eloquently and informatively, as Ed’s pieces generally do.

One Thought to “Edward Curtin Faces “Clear Evidence of Peril in a Country of Lies””

  1. Mo

    Re: possible plants in alternative media – well, I think it’s pretty easy. How willing are they to criticize the Jews? Sure, some people may simply be afraid of the anti semitism accusation, on the other hand I think one can presume the J word is something a fed would never say. It’s simply off limits to anyone in the western intelligence sphere. Now, what about those guys who scream the J word and the N word? Well, their belligerence either shakes off the intellectual or they’re a goofy voice meant for goofy listeners (typically for entrapment scenarios). Secondly, where do they (alternative media personalities) fall on major narratives? I can’t imagine someone who names the Jews and also talks openly about the truth on the Ukraine conflict is a plant. As an aside, I don’t trust Alex Jones since he appears to softball Jewish involvement in general and seems to be the heir of Ted Gunderson and Bill Cooper brand conspiracy. And of course, the weird crap he sells.

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