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FFWN: BREAKING NEWS! US Empire Ends (Stay Tuned for Updates)

Full uncensored FFWN posted above by noon Central time Saturdays.

This week’s co-host: J. Michael Springmann

1) PSA: Help FFWN Expose “We Stand with Ucaine”

“Justice” Dept.

2) Sam Bankman-Fried’s Lawyers Are Veterans of Ghislaine Maxwell and ‘El Chapo’ Cases

3) ISIS Beatle VANISHES from US custody: ‘Jihadi George’ Is Missing!

Weaponization of Federal Government

4) Classified docs found in garage of Biden home

5) House Republicans establish new committee to ‘investigate the weaponization of the federal government’


6) How the FBI Hacked Twitter: The answer begins with Russiagate

7) Twitter Files Show How The Deep State Conquered Social Media

8) Another Zionist Book-Burning: Amazon Bans Israel Shahak’s “Jewish History Jewish Religion”

End of Empire

9) The Fading of Washington’s Global Dreams and the Coming of a New World

10) An Urgent Plea to American Nationalists: The US Must Stop Being the Divisive Nation by Cleaning Up Our Own Mess First

War on China

11) U.S. Government Identified as Original Source of Lab Leak Theory. What’s Really Going On?

12) War game shows Taiwan stops China invasion but at ‘enormous’ cost

13) Is war on China in the offing? US military is working hard on “setting the theater” for war on China

War on Russia

14) Ukrainian Defense Lines And What Happens When They Are Breached

15) Zelensky Bust in US Capitol?

16) House Resolution Would Rename Washington DC Monuments After Zelensky

17) Conspiracies Only Happen in Russia, Never in US! -Patrick Cockburn

War on Pakistan

18) Imran Khan blasts (US-inspired) assassination plot coverup

War on Iran

19) Iran commemorates martyrdom anniversary of Gen. Soleimani

20) Former Israeli Intel Chief Says Israel Convinced US to Kill Soleimani

War on Palestine

21) Why the Godfather of Human Rights Is Not Welcome at Harvard Kenneth Roth, who ran Human Rights Watch for 29 years, was denied a fellowship at the Kennedy School. The reason? Israel.

Brazil (not the Terry Gilliam version)

22) Regional and world leaders oppose Brazil “coup attempt”

23) Bannon on Brazil riots: ‘I’m not backing off 1 inch’

Vaxxing Debate

24) Obesity and the End of the Vaxxing Debate?

25) Steve Kirsch willing to bet anyone in the world $1M that the COVID vaccines have increased all-cause mortality in the US. Any takers?

26) How Stanford Failed the Academic Freedom Test by Jay Bhattacharya

Signs of the Times

27) Harvard Medical School offers course about healthcare for LGBTQIA+ ‘infants’ with curriculum offering lessons in areas including OBGYN, pediatrics and plastic surgery 

28) Santos Attacks “Anti-Semitic Holocaust-Denying Homophobes” Who Are Badgering Him to Resign

29) Did Aliens Land on Earth in 1945? A Defense Bill Seeks Answers.

4 Thoughts to “FFWN: BREAKING NEWS! US Empire Ends (Stay Tuned for Updates)”

  1. John Graves

    Wow! Great cover graphic! Did you make that, Kevin?

  2. Ron Unz is another Noam Chomsky

  3. John Graves

    From now on, we mentally-health conscious consumers will have to insist on organically-grown social media, with no 3-letter artificial agencies. Let’s call it “Whole Views Market”.

  4. Howard

    I believe Patrick Cockburn is the brother of Alexander Cockburn of Counterpunch fame.. That should answer any questions about his cluelessness on the Kennedy murder conspiracy and most all others.

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