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LIVE RADIO! Richard Cook Addresses American Nationalists, Mathew Crawford Responds to Ron Unz on Vax & Mortality

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Retired USG analyst and celebrated Challenger disaster whistleblower Richard Cook discusses his new article “An Urgent Plea to American Nationalists: The US Must Stop Being the Divisive Nation by Cleaning Up Our Own Mess First.” Cook: “It’s the Neocons who have a vice grip on US foreign policy, which today revolves around the US proxy war in Ukraine against Russia. Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, who launched a reign of terror against Ukraine’s Russian-speaking population, has outlawed all political parties but his own, banned a free press, and is eradicating the Christian religion. Zelensky is a puppet of the American Neocons and the Biden warmongers…”

Second hour: Mathew Crawford appeared on Truth Jihad Radio last February and estimated that the COVID vaccines had killed over 200,000 Americans. Tonight he responds to Ron Unz, who appeared on last week’s show discussing his survey of mortality data across the  mRNA vaccinated countries. According to that data, the COVID vaccines do not seem to have killed statistically significant numbers of people. Unz points out that the introduction and use of the vaccines does not appear to correlate to increases in cardiac/stroke mortality or working-age mortality. See: “Vaxxing Deaths or COVID Deaths?” and “Obesity and the End of the Vaxxing Debate.”

Other topics include Ron Unz’s claim that COVID emerged from a US bio-attack on China and Iran, Mathew’s article on Prince Harry’s unconscious admission of psychopathy, and The Economist‘s Predictions of Pandemonium.

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