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LIVE RADIO! Josh Mitteldorf on Suppression of “Free Energy”; Ken Meyercord on Jewish Ethnic Nepotism

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

Two of the things “they” don’t want us to talk about are (1) free energy, and (2) Jewish power based on ethnic nepotism. (It may not be quite the same “they” but you know what I mean.) So…let’s talk about it!

First hour: In his new article “Energy from the Vacuum” scientist Josh Mitteldorf observes: “There are persistent stories of people who invent perpetual motion machines only to disappear or to die mysteriously or become insane.” After looking at the physics of various proposed free energy technologies, he notes: “Many people have speculated that such technologies are not only possible, but that they have been developed and deployed by an elite group of powerful individuals or for advanced military applications, but kept secret from the public…Free energy could threaten the world’s reserve currency. In addition, the same ZPE technologies that could run our cars and heat our houses without pollution might also be converted too easily to make mega-bombs that no one wants to think about. The fact that these technologies are bubbling up in the mainstream scientific literature suggests that something is afoot.”

Second hour: Ken Meyercord writes:

“I had a revelation last night as I lay tossing and turning, and I thought I’d run it by you to see how you think it ranks with St. Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. There’s a website out there called ‘Jew or Not Jew‘, on which individuals are scored (between 0 and 15) as to whether they are Jewish or not. As explained on the website, ‘We evaluate how Jewish a person is based on three factors. How Jewish they are internally, how Jewish they are externally and how much we want that person to be a Jew in the first place.’ I had always thought the site the work of some Jew-hater wanting to keep track of Jewish cliquishness in order to expose their disproportionate role in important segments of our society. Now I think differently. I think it is meant as a tool by which to identify Jews for those Jews wanting to engage in what has been called ‘ethnic nepotism.’ (Circumstantial evidence: The descriptions of the evaluation process by which an individual’s score is arrived at are so clever and witty they must have been written by a Jew.)

“I had occasion to visit the site recently as I wanted to determine if it is still the case that the president of every Ivy League school but one is either a Jew or married to a Jew (It is the case). I found that none of the presidents were included amongst the thousands of individuals ranked by the site. That surprised me as many lesser lights are, e.g., Zack de la Rocha, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Ray Comfort. Even Sam Bankman-Fried, the ex-billionaire founder of the now bankrupt bitcoin exchange FTX, was not listed until two days ago—after he had made the headlines (Score: 13). (Bankman-Fried’s case reminds me of the comment by the ‘self-hating’ Jew, Gilad Atzmon, that ‘If you hear of a financial scandal involving millions of dollars, anyone could be behind it; if you hear of one involving billions of dollars, you can bet a Jew is behind it.’)

“One thing I learned from my investigation into the Ivy League presidencies is that even Jews have trouble identifying who is a Jew and who is not. The Jewish Telegraph Agency, which bills itself as ‘the definitive, trusted global source of news and analysis on issues of Jewish interest and concern,’ thought the one Gentile amongst Ivy League Prez, Lee Bollinger of Columbia (Of all places!), was Jewish (see Correction at end of article). So maybe the Jew or Not Jew site is of great value to Jewish elders—in fact, founded by them—to assist them in recruiting their fellow tribesmen in fulfilling their destiny to be a ‘light unto the nations.’ In a supreme irony, if the site proves not enlightening enough, might it be the Jews themselves who mandate that their fellow tribesmen identify themselves publicly, say, by displaying a yellow Star of David on their clothing!”

I responded by sending Ken a link to Ron Unz’s article exposing the shocking overrepresentation (in relation to their grades and test scores) of Jews in elite US universities.

Speaking of Jewish power, it seems The New York Times likes to invite Jewish people—including cokeheads, speed freaks, and swindlers—to events like this:

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