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Sandy Hook Parent Robbie Parker Weeps in Despair After Learning He Just Won $120 Million

Dissociated Press

Sandy Hook parent Robbie Parker has once again raised eyebrows by reacting unexpectedly to an emotionally-charged event.

Informed that a jury had awarded him $120 million, Parker collapsed on the floor, weeping pitifully, before pulling himself together, wiping away the tears, and flashing an insincere smile as he kicked off the Sandy Hook parents’ press conference celebrating their $965 million dollar victory over Alex Jones.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Parker and other Sandy Hook parents are crisis actors paid by Alex Jones to pretend to hate Jones while offering the Infowars host invaluable mainstream media publicity. According to the theory, Parker and the other parents hoped and expected that the jury would throw out their ridiculous, frivolous lawsuit. When the jury unexpectedly found for the plaintiffs and awarded them almost a billion dollars, Parker, who received the biggest award, was devastated. But ever the talented crisis actor, after a few moments of hyperventilation as taught by method acting founder Lee Strasberg, Parker was able to get into character and pretend to be happy to have just won $120 million.

Alex Jones, reached by telephone at an extraterrestrial-run brothel twelve miles beneath the surface of Austin, Texas, heatedly denied that Parker and the other Sandy Hook parents were crisis actors, and threatened to sue any satirists who suggest otherwise.

3 Thoughts to “Sandy Hook Parent Robbie Parker Weeps in Despair After Learning He Just Won $120 Million”

  1. Ernst Nomoar

    Hey Kevin…I am working hard trying to find out how the f to send you a donation but it appears to be impossible, unless a paid substack subscription is what you consider a donation. This is not meant as a comment but I don’t have your email address so…I hope you get this message and let people know how the whole donations/fundraising thing works. I’ve pretty much given up but maybe I’ll buy one of your books.

  2. Jackson Peter

    Poor old Alex Jones. He was the truth-teller, oddly enough, the divine idiot (though likely not about sandy hook). There should be a statue to him…

  3. Dave Heller

    If you ask me, Jones is a CIA asset. This whole thing was effectively a way to shatter the First Amendment into almost a billion pieces.

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