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Thaddeus Kozinski Asks “Are You Aware?”

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Philosophy professor Thaddeus Kozinski wonders “Are You Aware?
And are you aware of your unawareness?” His essay begins: “There is a broad spectrum, as broad as the distance between heaven and hell, describing the level of awareness of people as to what is truly happening now in the world today, and why.”

Are people’s interpretations of topical events—COVID, the war in Ukraine, inflation, abortion, Trump, etc.—grounded in their spiritual state? Do people mindlessly accept public myths pumped out by the media because they have been conditioned by the false religion of liberal-progressivist secular humanism? Can “institutions and people telling the full truth…be infallibly detected by the vehemence of the attacks against them by the Global Regime of Lies”? And is the biggest target of the most vehement attacks the Catholic church, as Thaddeus suggests? Or are Islam, Russian Orthodox Christianity, and various truth movements at least as targeted?

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