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Meryl Nass and Ron Unz on “Lancet Blames US for COVID

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On Thursday the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s Mockingbird media assets suddenly started chanting choreographed slurs against Jeffrey Sachs—who suspects COVID originated in a US biowar lab—and The Lancet, the world’s leading medical journal, which just issued a report on COVID origins. (Sachs chaired The Lancet‘s COVID Commission.) Tonight’s first hour guests, bioweapons expert Meryl Nass and COVID origins expert Ron Unz, peel back the layers of media obfuscation to expose the biggest COVID scandal of all.

First half-hour: Meryl Nass was one of the first to ask: “Why are some of the US’ top scientists making a specious argument about the natural origin of SARS-CoV-2?

Meryl Nass on my May 2020 radio show:

“Sometime in late February, a group of scientists, which included the former head of the National Science Foundation and a former top person at CDC, as well as a bunch of other people, many of whom had worked in the biological defense / biological warfare area— possibly all of them had—published a very short statement in The Lancet saying they wanted to stand with the Chinese public health officials and scientists and point out that rumors about the unnatural origin of coronavirus were a conspiracy theory and should be dismissed. They didn’t provide evidence, but they made this very strong statement in the top medical journal in the world, The Lancet. I have to say that the first author—and it was alphabetical, so this is the first author alphabetically who signed—is someone I was told about 27 years ago when I consulted in Cuba…they named this particular person, this researcher, as having come to Cuba and identified the fact that there were Aedes mosquitoes in Cuba. Which the person had not been aware of. And shortly thereafter, the Cubans were attacked with the illness Dengue, which is a viral disease transmitted by a Aedes mosquitoes. So the Cubans blame this person who worked for a federal agency for their Dengue outbreak.”

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