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Biden Launches WWIII Under Cover of Hurricane Ian

Nordstream Attack Was #4 on Wednesday’s WAPO List of Top News Stories

By Kevin Barrett

The timing was certainly curious. Just as Hurricane Ian, one of the worst ever to make landfall in the US, was poised to slam into Florida, dominating news headlines, parties (not so) unknown blew up the Nordstream pipelines, sending the biggest ever burst of methane, the most potent climate change gas, into the atmosphere, and condemning Europe to a cold, dark winter of potential mass starvation.

The terrorist attack on Nordstream immediately followed the Donbass referendum in which voters in the eastern Russian-speaking regions of the former Ukraine voted to rejoin Russia. The pipeline attack had all the earmarks of a US response to the impending Russian annexation of the Donbass. Shortly before the attack, Germans and other Europeans had been protesting in the streets, demanding that the pipelines, closed under US pressure in a misguided attempt to punish Russia, be re-opened immediately. By blowing up the pipelines, the Biden Administration ensured that the German government continue to obey US orders and ignore the will of its people.

It’s thunderingly obvious that the US, and no-one else, blew up the pipelines. Even if the job were subcontracted to the British or the Israelis or Blackwater or CIA-trained Ukrainians, only the top of the US command chain could have authorized the operation. And Biden, the theoretical US commander-in-chief, had already announced that he was going to do it:

The truth about this cataclysmic act of terrorism has the potential to spark a mass uprising in Europe. It could inspire Europeans to overthrow their US-puppet leaders, disband NATO, get out from under the dying US empire, and make peace with Russia and China.

For that reason—and because the truth is so politically embarrassing—the perpetrators, the US high command, chose to ensure that this catastrophic act of international terrorism, which may very well be seen in retrospect as the spark that set off nuclear World War III, would not dominate the headlines. To do that, they buried the story under Hurricane Ian.

It is not as crazy as it sounds to wonder whether they created Hurricane Ian and/or steered it into Florida at precisely the right moment for precisely that purpose. The timing of the US attack on Nordstream was primarily dictated by the need for an escalatory response to the Russian annexation of the Donbass. It wasn’t as if Biden’s neocons were sitting around waiting for a hurricane before they could blow up Nordstream. They needed to attack the pipelines shortly after the Donbass referenda, and it seemingly just so happened that a huge hurricane showed up at exactly the right time. Those who have investigated “weather warfare” know that classified post-HAARP technology may very well be capable of intensifying and steering hurricanes.

As shown in the screenshot above, The Washington Post considered the biggest single act of economic and ecological terrorism in history to be only the fourth most important story of the day, behind “Ian Threatens Florida,” “Ian Hits Cuba,” and “House Postpones J-6 Hearings (Due to Ian).” It is as if Big Brother decided to send a hurricane through the brains of Americans to wash away their awareness of the colossal crime their government had committed in the North Sea.

But though a Florida hurricane may be big news domestically, Europeans are more concerned about how they will obtain food and fuel as winter approaches. Biden may have gotten away with the pipeline attack in terms of its not affecting his polling numbers, but across the Atlantic people may see things differently. If Russia doesn’t quickly use nuclear weapons to defend its Donbass territory as its strategic doctrine dictates, which could lead to the planet going up in nuclear flames during the coming weeks, the Europeans may decide to keep warm this winter by rioting in the streets, overthrowing their puppet governments, and retaking their sovereignty.

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