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“Eschatological War!” Another Debate With Adam Green

And a great new article from Youssef Hindi that clarifies what’s at stake

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In our latest discussion/debate, Adam Green and I take up where we left off last time. We begin by agreeing that 9/11 was a false flag operation, and that the crime was rooted in Jewish messianic millenarianism. But whereas Adam posits an “Abrahamic conspiracy” by which religious Jews plan to take over the world and enforce the Noahide laws, I blame neoliberal Zionist atheists—specifically, Straussian neocons—for the mass murders of September 2001.

Does that mean that Adam’s vision of a world takeover conspiracy involving religiously-motivated struggle is entirely mistaken? Not at all. He just gets some of the details wrong. Below is a new essay by the brilliant Franco-Moroccan scholar Youssef Hindi that gets pretty much everything right.

-Kevin Barrett

Eschatological war : Russia and the West

The Katechon in Christianity and Islam


Clash of civilizations – Christian Russia facing antichristic progressivism

– The disruption of international law and the demonization of the enemy
– Eschatology and messianism: American geopolitics
– The eschatological shift in the discourse of Russian leaders

The Katechon and the Antichrist
– What is the Katechon?
– The Katechon, Rome and Jewish eschatology
– The Katechon: the Christian Empire and the Caliphate?
– Katechon in the Qur’an
– Moscow, Third Rome and Katechon?

Eschatology is one of the fundamental dimensions of contemporary world geopolitics. A geopolitologist can no longer exclude the eschatological aspect of international relations from his analyses, since the leaders of the two largest nuclear powers in the world place the “Apocalypse”, the “martyr” leading to “paradise”, “Satan” and the “Antichrist” at the heart of their discourse.

American leaders have accustomed us to theological-political and messianic rhetoric referring to the end times. It is an integral part of the genesis and political history of the United States.

But what is new – since the Washington-led Euromaidan revolution in 2014 and even more so with the war in Ukraine as a consequence – is the eschatological tilt in the discourse of Russia’s highest leaders.

We have reached an unprecedented stage in history where the two greatest military and nuclear powers, confronting each other on the geopolitical chessboard, hold a religious discourse accusing each other of embodying evil, with the explicit threat of mutual nuclear destruction.

The present study aims to distinguish the eschatological role and the theological-political nature of each of these two protagonists of world geopolitics. To do so, we will use the tools of religious science, the history of religions, and of course eschatology, combined with an analysis of the historical evolution of these great powers and those of which they are the heirs.

Clash of civilizations

Christian Russia facing antichristic progressivism

The disruption of international law and the demonization of the enemy

Since the dismantling of the modern State, the sovereign state, which the legal theorist Carl Schmitt (1888-1985) perceived as early as the 1920s, international law and the legal framework of war have been turned upside down. Modern European law theoretically placed the two belligerents on an equal footing ; however, under the influence of the unequal Anglo-American powers, we entered, in the 20th century, the era of the criminalization of the enemy, of his demonization. The enemy is thus excluded from humanity.

« The Versailles peace (which was less a peace than a pillorying) was, on the contrary, as a result of the sanction war, where the enemy, declared aggressor, falls to the rank of criminal… The sanction war, by definition “just”, is thus the essence of civil war. By wanting to introduce it between sovereign States, we transform their armed conflicts into international civil wars. The confusion that began at Versailles culminated three decades later in the ‘crimes against peace’ of the Nuremberg trials, which gave the coup de grâce to the European conception of duel warfare. »[1]  (Peter Haggenmacher)

This brought us back to the medieval concept of just war. In Europe, the Roman Church was the supreme authority that could decide whether a war was just or not. This authority having disappeared, it is the UN, whose headquarters are in New York, which has replaced the Church. The authority of the UN is not exercised over the United States, nor over Israel, the main perpetrators of chaos in the world, so planet earth has been transformed into the Wild West, where the law of the jungle reigns, the law of the strongest, the law of the Anglo-Americans, the Judeo-Protestants.

In 1947, Carl Schmitt perceived the danger presented by the modern means of destruction in the possession of the United States. War, he explained, will incite the belligerent in possession of superior armaments to demonize his enemy, to deprive him of the status of enemy, to see him only as a monster to be eliminated.[2]

Since then, we have seen the Americans destroy entire countries, massacre civilian populations by the millions, invoking the fight for freedom, against the Axis of Evil, etc.

Meanwhile, Russia has rebuilt itself and has become, in Syria, as in Europe, a wall against Anglo-American and Israeli imperial ambitions.

This is an indisputable fact of which we are going to deliver a historical-political-eschatological interpretation by telescoping the Jewish, Christian and Muslim texts relating to the end times.

Eschatology and Messianism: American Geopolitics

If we study the history of civilizations in contemporary times, namely the 19th and 20th centuries, we can conclude that the current confrontation between Russia and the West is a clash of civilizations. A clash between modernism and tradition. Modernism being represented and led by the West with its avant-garde head, first the British Empire and then the United States.

For the sake of rigor, we must distinguish continental Europe and the Anglo-American thalassocratic world. Today, the West is equated with the ideological fabrication of Judeo-Christianity, which refers much more to the Anglo-Saxon world than to Latin and Germanic Europe.

What is called today “the West” is not only an ideological construction, but a political one, namely the European Union and its geostrategic counterpart, the armed wing of the United States, NATO. This West was subverted by the Protestant Reformation and England, which experienced an economic and geopolitical expansion driven forward by a Judeo-Protestant messianism, which accompanied and followed the revolution of Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658).

The Anglo-American empire is thus this ideological, political and geopolitical ensemble that has gradually absorbed the Old Catholic, Greco-Latin and Germanic continent, and which, at the turn of the 20th century, can no longer be called Christian. Materialistic modernism and the revolutions coming from the matrix of Judeo-Protestant messianism that promoted it have invaded and gradually disintegrated Catholic Europe.

The geopolitical manifestation of the confrontation between tradition and modernism was described by the British historian Arnold J. Toynbee in 1947:

« This concentric attack launched by the modern West against the world of Islam inaugurated the present conflict between the two civilizations.

It will be seen that it is part of an even larger and more ambitious movement by which Western civilization aims at nothing less than the incorporation of all mankind into one great society, and the control of all that, on land, sea and air, mankind can exploit by modern Western technology.

What the West is doing to Islam, it is doing at the same time to the other surviving civilizations – Orthodox Christians, Indians, the Far East – and to the surviving primitive societies which are now in a state of collapse, even in their final remnants in tropical Africa. »[3]

This movement to incorporate the whole of humanity into one great society is accompanied by another movement to integrate all traditional religions into one[4] within the framework of the United Nations of Religions, Congress Of The Leaders of World and Traditional Religions[5]. The statement in 2012 by the representative of Judaism at the World Congress of Religions, Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel Yona Metsger, is explicit:

« My dream is to build something similar to what the United Nations is for diplomats, it would be to unify the religious, the dignitaries of every nation, of every country, including those who do not have a diplomatic relationship. »[6]

Since the end of the Second World War, it is the United States that has taken over in Great Britain as the driving power of Judeo-Protestant modernism that is waging this war of civilizations to impose its model on the world.

This Anglo-American imperialism is the product of Old Testament messianism; the fusion of Jewish messianism and Calvinism. This explains why the British and Americans support the Zionist project, which is one branch of Jewish messianism that seeks to fulfill the biblical promises.[7]

In the 1530s, England began a religious reform: closing of monasteries, confiscation of church property and a break with Rome. Thomas Cromwell (an uncle of Oliver Cromwell’s ancestor), King Henry VIII’s chief minister, led this policy. In the second half of the sixteenth century, England became a maritime power and the influence of Judaism grew.

The fusion between Judaism and the nascent Protestant thalassocratic empire took place and constituted, along with America, the antichristic geopolitical power…

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One Thought to ““Eschatological War!” Another Debate With Adam Green”

  1. maisoon

    No Kevin it is noit Neoliberal Zionist Atheiists but Orthodox Jews and you cannot keep skirting around them, avoding the Jewish Beast in the rproverbial room. Israeli Jews declared Israel a ‘Jewish’ State for Jews and not a ‘Zionist state. They are dictated to by their Orthodox Rabbis many of whom teach their Supremacist racist Ideologies which incorporates their Talmudic Religion along with their political ideologies of Zionism and Communism. Noahide Laws have indeed been imposed on over 70 countries worldwide after Israel had invited them to a special Noahide Conferenece that they held in Tel Aviv and which shamefully these countries agreed to implement in their Gentile Countries. Both UK and USA have signed Bills into Law which replace their indigenous Laws with Noahide Judaic Laws . Anfd yes they brag about all this in videos on JEWTUBE quite openly and not censored so we hear it straight from the Beasts’ mouths which Adam Green usually sources and quotes from so it is disingenuous of you to keep protecting an dcoming to the defence of Jews who as a large majority, support this New World Order Agenda where they also brag that each Jew who own over a 1000 Gentile/Goyim Slaves. Again from their mouths, their scriptures. Days of defending them is over. they have committed unforgivable Crimes Against Humanity especially with their Jewish run Drug Kabal and Medical Terrorism worldwide. Their god is not Almighty God but according to one of their top leading Rabbis again on Jewtube, they worship Luicfer who is their Yahweh and many Jews are not aware that they follow the rabbinical written Talmud and not the Torah, which is why Jesus Christ rejected and denounced them as a ‘Borrd of Vipers’ and like their father Satan, a liar and a murderer’ which is why they had him executed, of course getting the Romans to do they dirty work under their Sanhedrin Rabbinical Order.
    It is also wrong of Adam Green to refer to Abraham as a Jew or a Hebrew of which he was neither as ‘Judaism’ and the Torah did not exist in his time and nor did the ‘Israelite Hebrew Tribe’ that came a few hundred years later. Just because Moses was descnded form his line, does not make Abraham Judaic. Abraham was a monotheitic believer in the ONE GOD to whom he submitted which would technically make him one of the earlier Muslims just like Adam and Noah etc.. Jews have re written biblical history, distorted their own Scriptures as they ahve done with Christ’s Church and are aiming to alter the Quran too with their Rabbis in Makkah dictating a change in the Quran to delete and remove all references where God condemns them for turning against Him and breaking His Covenant with them. Israelis and Ashkenazi Jews always hide behind their bibilcal MYTHS like their Holohoax which was one of the wrorld’s worst deception and false Flag along with 9/11, and their Covid Scamdemic Terrorism, setting the stage for their next move- Great Reset to cull Humanity and bring in their Matrix AI Microchipped Automatons and their filthy immoral Transhumanism which is part of Jewish Culture as is Abortions. as they define 7 different sexes in their vile Rabbinical Texts
    And finally I dont agree with the way Adam always likes to associate Islam with Judaism jsut because we share an ‘Abrahamic’ ancestry and descendancy. Jews deny Ismail as a true son of Abraham who was not born in Ancient Palestine but in ancient Iraq/UR- Bablyonian Mesopatamia and the many ethnic indigenous Tribes of ancient Palestine/Canaan were not collectively called Arabs as they are now just as Romans are now Italians and the Anglo Saxons Brits. Adam thinks that only the White Europeans are under threat as they are today’s Amaleks and Edom but Arabs have been more under threat as is Islam than today’s Europeans who have allowed themselves to be occupied and controlled by Khazarian Jews. Palestinians in fact have always been viewed and referred to by their rabid Rabbis as toda’s AMALEKS.. So Adam should not rely too heavily on Christopher Bjerkness who some allege is actually Jewish himself. This I do know, World Jewry along with Israel and their political offshoots Zionism Communism, Marxism, Feminism, LGBT Transgender NWO and WEF are the greatest threat to Humanity and to our world and Islam is not working with this Jewish Agenda though we may have collaborators within but Islam is separate from the Jewish World Agenda and Eretz Israeli Empire which I as a Human Being and as a Muslim 100% reject and denounce as it is indeed the Sinagogue of Satan that has unleashed Gogue and Magog into our God Fearing world of which Gentiles make up the majority of Humanity

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