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David Chu: Why I LOVE China and the CCP

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Read David Chu’s “Why I LOVE China and the CPC: My 50 Year Odyssey to Truth and Enlightenment.”

The entire mainstream media, and much of the allegedly alternative media, are beating the drums of anti-China propaganda. As far as US officialdom and its Mighty Wurlitzer goes, the fifty-year honeymoon since Nixon’s 1972 trip is definitely over.

David Chu has a different perspective. Nixon’s trip to China a half-century ago impacted David directly, nudging him down a decades-long path of loathing for the CPC. But David’s brand of militaristic right-wing American patriotism, which he expressed in 2003 as possibly the West Coast’s most successful pro-Iraq-invasion activist, fell apart under the impact of 9/11 truth. Freed from the spell of American imperial propaganda, David left the US for Patagonia and never looked back. Today, he pretty much agrees with the Chinese foreign minister, who tweeting this image yesterday:

China’s Foreign Minister supports 9/11 truth

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