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Thaddeus Kozinski and Peter Simpson on “Antichrist Rising: The Plandemic and the Age of Unreality”

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Catholic philosophers Thaddeus Kozinski and Peter Simpson discuss Thaddeus’s new article “What Matters Right Now Is Your Soul.” It begins: “If you are paying attention, you know that the plandemic narrative is on its last legs, although its final death throes seem like eternity and are manifesting as most furious and ruthless—poison injections for babies—as well as most ridiculous and pathetic—Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Monkeypox, and Ninja. The injury and death toll from the death shots is rising all over the world, save in the few countries that somehow remained immune to the mass psychosis…”

Thaddeus Kozinski is the author of Modernity as Apocalypse: Sacred Nihilism and the Counterfeits of Logos (Angelico Press) and The Political Problem of Religious Pluralism: And Why Philosophers Cannot Solve It (Lexington Books). He teaches Great Books for Angelicum Academy.

Peter Simpson a Full Professor of Philosophy at CUNY. He is the author of Political Illiberalism. A Defense of Freedom, Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics, translation and commentary, and Aristotle’s Great Ethics, translation and commentary, all published by Routledge.

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