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FFWN: Prepare for War! (Debating pro-Biden pro-Zelensky Prof. Sterling Harwood)


1) Support FFWN’s “Ghostbusters of Kiev”

Breaking News

2) Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion   Will this motivate libs to ban digital spying?

Prepare for War!

3) PREPARE FOR WAR: UK army must get ready to fight the Russians and win in potential WW3 says Britain’s top general

4) Ukraine-based Gonzola Lira warns of US plot to trigger WW3 via Lithuania & Poland

5) Russia and Ukraine are battling over underwater mines as the global food crisis worsens

6) Bernie & Squad Surrender to War Machine’s Ukraine Scam

7) No opposition to Ukraine’s EU candidacy (except for Russia): Officials

Ex-USG Experts Weigh In

8) Scott Ritter on War vs. Special Military Operation

9) Graham Fuller: Some hard thoughts about post Ukraine 

USG Terrorists

10) US Government’s Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) holds a briefing on the “moral and strategic” necessity of partitioning Russia

11) Is the US a Terrorist State?

Genocide Denial

12) New Ukraine Laws Escalate Cultural Genocide Against Ethnic Russians

13) Daily Beast lies outrageously, denies existence (& genocide) of ethnic Russians in Ukraine

Energy Wars

14) Biden to call for 3-month suspension of gas and diesel taxes

15) Only 11% of Americans blame Putin for gas prices – poll

16) Asia is buying discounted Russian oil, making up for Europe’s cutbacks.

2nd Pandemic

17) Biden predicts ‘second pandemic’

US Ally Neoliberals Lose Elections

18) Neoliberal Macron Loses Parliamentary Majority as Mélenchon-Led Left Surges in France

19) Venezuela Celebrates Petro’s Win in Colombia as US Loses its Latin America ‘Bastion’


20) The Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh: Tracing a Bullet to an Israeli Convoy

21) Zionist occupiers murder another Palestinian female journalist

Healthcare & Homelessness

22) ‘Want To Cry’: Bill for Uninsured Hospital Stay in Italy Stuns Americans

23) Sweltering streets: Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat

Everything Smells Bigger in Texas 

24) Texans Smell Cover-up as Officials Refuse to Release Uvalde Shooting Footage Records

25) Texas Republicans adopt far-right platform rejecting Biden’s election reserving right to secede

Me Too Much

26) Jury finds that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted teenager at the Playboy Mansion in 1975

27) What did Judy Huth say happened at the Playboy Mansion?


28) The Billionaire Family Pushing Synthetic Sex Identities (SSI)

29) FINA found the fairest solution to the transgender issue in sports

30) Islamic Preacher SLAMS Matt Walsh’s Anti-Trans Film 

Das ist die New Normal

31) The Federal Republic of New Normal Germany

32) CDC Releases Aggressively Stupid Pamphlet on ‘Social Gatherings Safer Sex and Monkeypox’

33) This Is a Weirder Moment Than You Think (Ezra Klein in NYT: Aliens Are Here!)

4 Thoughts to “FFWN: Prepare for War! (Debating pro-Biden pro-Zelensky Prof. Sterling Harwood)”

  1. John Graves

    Something’s wrong. This week’s FFWN is 1 minute long with Sterling Harwood only. What happened?

  2. Peter Storey

    This Harwood PHD is an idiot. Don’t have him on again.

  3. I.Rose

    Roe v. Wade
    Compartmentalism, the ‘scientific methods’ of atomizing all life has given us ‘abortions’ — ‘A Thing’ — to debate, diagnose, legislate… all but to return it to where it belongs, to the female, woman’s body in it’s autonomy, processes and symbioses.
    “We” have missed the great opportunity to reach out to all women and together affirm the body autonomy of all, in all circumstances, without exceptions, including in regard to medical interventions. Instead “we” succumbed to the oldest trick in the book, divide & rule. How pathetic, and how in ‘lock step’ with the accelerated creepy technocratic erasure of woman and nature.

  4. Annelies

    This was very unpleasant to listen to, Kevin, an offense to the ears. Please stick with your good-quality co-hosts!

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