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LIVE RADIO: Mr. Rho on Crypto Crash, Ellen Brown on Backyard Food Shortage Solution, Bruce Leichty on Holocaust Conference Arrest Lawsuit

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First 35 minutes: Mr. Rho discusses the crypto implosion and related topics.

Final 15 minutes: Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt and other books, recently published “The Food Shortage Solution in Your Own Backyard.” It describes Russia’s vast superiority over the US in residential land use: “…in the United States there are 40 million acres of lawn. Lawns are the most destructive monoculture on the planet, absorbing more resources and pesticides than any other crop, without providing any yield…(whereas) Russian families have shown the possibilities, using permaculture methods on simple cottage gardens or allotments called dachas…In 2004, food gardens accounted for 51% of the total agricultural output of the Russian Federation – greater than the contribution of the whole electric power generation industry; greater than all of the forestry, wood-processing and pulp and paper industries; and significantly greater than the coal, natural gas and oil refining industries taken together.”

Second hour: Mennonite attorney Bruce Leichty discusses the brief he filed in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals last month, asserting that federal judge John W. Broomes committed numerous errors when he granted summary judgment to Bethel College, and prevented him from taking his case to a jury.

Leichty was arrested in 2019 for participating in a holocaust conference at Bethel College in Kansas for which he had paid and registered. His crime? Handing out fliers until he was asked not to, then participating in Q&A and posing questions that made people uncomfortable. Since when was it illegal to ask questions? Since the West traded Enlightenment (post)-Christianity for the new holocaust religion, or so it seems.


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