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John Hankey on Uvalde as MK-Utra Psy-Op

He could be right—but I don’t agree with his take on the likely motive

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Filmmaker John Hankey, director of the Dark Legacy films on the assassination of JFK Jr. and more recently “COVID19 Inside Job“, says the children at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas may have been killed by a Manchurian candidate (just like JFK Jr. was). He thinks the motive was less to promote gun control, but to shift the conversation to gun control: “I wish the motive wasn’t screamingly obvious: to try to change the debate from abortion, an issue which kills the Republicans, to guns, an issue which kills the Democrats. This shooting makes clear, to me at least and at long last, that the Sandy Hook shooting was the same, to provoke the Democrats to a suicidal assault on weapons. And apparently to provoke the conspiracy nuts in the 9/11 Truth movement to self-immolate. Sandy Hook destroyed Fetzer and Alex Jones, and, in doing so, really sullied the 9-11 Truth movement—which may have been the primary motive.”

I agree with the part about Sandy Hook being used to “disable the purveyors” of 9/11 truth by “cognitively infiltrating” the 9/11 truth movement to spread “beneficial cognitive diversity” (i.e. ideas that sound so outlandish or obnoxious to mainstream audiences that they prevent the “conspiracy theorists” from gaining a wider audience). By tricking 9/11 truth advocates into casting themselves as “mean, nasty, insensitive louts who insult the poor grieving parents by claiming their children didn’t really die” the perpetrators/manipulators of Sandy Hook struck the biggest-ever blow against the 9/11 truth movement.

I also agree with John that several Uvalde shooting anomalies suggest that it may have been an MK Ultra incident, and that whoever gave the police stand-down orders—the “Dick Cheney of Uvalde”—needs to be identified and prosecuted.

But if you listen to the show you will hear me push back against John’s claim that the shooting was designed to change the conversation from abortion to gun control in order to help the Republicans.

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