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Joachim Hagopian on Elites’ Endgame Dystopian Nightmare

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Joachim Hagopian discusses his new article “Today’s Shifting Balance of Power, Elites’ Endgame Dystopian Nightmare: Its Winners and Losers.” An extract:

“For eons the planet overlords have not only retained their centralized control and power over the population, but in recent years exponentially increased their absolute control through ownership of all public and private sector institutions and organizations. Be it through bribery and/or sexual blackmail, puppetmasters never seem to fail at compromising, owning and controlling governments at all levels, including judiciaries, law enforcement, intelligence services, militaries, mass media, Big Tech, Fortune 500 multinational corporations, the primary through university educational system, think tank foundations, NGOs. Everything in our world today is centrally controlled and operated by the same relative handful of bloodline dynasties that own the planet’s top two investment firms BlackRock and Vanguard. Pervasive throughout this corrupt, evil power grab is the Illuminati Luciferian control system…”

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former Army officer. He is the author of a 52-chapter series on Pedophilia and Empire.

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