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Ex-CIA/State Dept./Special Forces Larry Johnson debunks “virulent” anti-Russia hysteria

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Larry Johnson of The Son of the New American Revolution blog is a well-informed and eloquent critic of the official US government and media line on Ukraine. In this interview, Larry Johnson casts severe doubts on much of what we’re hearing from the media, including the claims that “Ukraine is winning”:

“What you would expect to see if the Ukrainians functioned as an effective army: number one, in the east, they would have broken out. They would have actually launched a counterattack against the Russians and pushed the Russians back to the border. That hasn’t happened. In fact, the reports show steady progress by these Russian backed forces in Donetsk and Luhansk in pushing back the Ukrainian military.

“Number two, the Russians have basically they have sealed, completely shut down, the southern coast of Ukraine and their access to the Black Sea. Again, if the Ukraine had a viable, capable army that could fight against that, they would be launching counterattacks to push the Russians out and to open those ports. They haven’t done that. What we’re seeing is that this group of neo-Nazis that are in the steel plant area of Mariupol are slowly being encircled and killed. So again, if Ukraine had a functioning army, you’d expect to see artillery strikes coming in to try to push back the Russians. We’re not seeing that. You’d expect to see air strikes, some sort of air operation, whether with fixed wing or rotary wing. We’re not seeing that. Cruise missiles. We’re not seeing that. So do they not have it or are they just incapable of using it in an effective manner? And I think it’s the latter. Because it’s irrational for them not to use it if it’s still viable. I do know that their ability to conduct air to air intercept with fixed wing combat aircraft was curtailed the first 24 hours of the war on February 24th because the ground radars were blown up and those ground radars were what the pilots needed in order to vector themselves in on a target.”

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