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Has Yemeni David Defeated Saudi-UAE-NATO Goliath? (and other recent videos)

Press TV interview with Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Yemen announces a unilateral ceasefire, suspending all rocket and drone attacks against Saudi Arabia, and affirms its readiness to turn the declaration into a permanent commitment.

Mashat said Saudi Arabia must end its blockade on the Republic of Yemen once and for all. He said Yemen is also ready to perform a full prisoner exchange. He called on the UN Special Envoy for Yemen to take steps to prepare the agreements to carry out the exchanges. Meanwhile, the head of Yemen’s negotiating team says Riyadh must prove its seriousness in response to the Yemeni peace plan by responding to the ceasefire, lifting the siege, and withdrawing troops. The developments follow the Yemeni army targeting multiple locations deep inside Saudi Arabia, including an Aramco oil facility in Jeddah and vital sites in the capital, Riyadh.


Iran Sanction-Proofs Its Economy, Nuclear Deal or No

The Iran nuclear deal is on track to be revived. But Iran is going to sanction-proof its economy anyway, since Americans can’t be trusted to keep their commitments. From “Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has warned state officials against making development of Iran’s economy conditional on the removal of sanctions, saying that the country should be run in a way that it would not be hurt by sanctions.”


UAE Invites Assad, Thumbs Nose at Uncle Scam. Bye-Bye Petrodollar?

The United States says it’s deeply disappointed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s visit to the United Arab Emirates. U-S State Department Spokesman, Ned Price, says Washington doesn’t support efforts to normalize relations with Syria under Bashar al-Assad and urges its allies not to do so. The reaction comes a day after Assad met with Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince and Ruler of Dubai. Assad’s visit to the UAE is the first to an Arab country since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011. Back in 2018, the UAE also re-opened its embassy in Damascus and called for Syria’s return to the Arab League. “We are profoundly disappointed and troubled by this apparent attempt to legitimise Bashar al-Assad,” US State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement sent to AFP on Saturday. Assad, he said, “remains responsible and accountable for the death and suffering of countless Syrians, the displacement of more than half of the pre-war Syrian population, and the arbitrary detention and disappearance of over 150,000 Syrian men, women and children. As US Secretary of State Antony “Blinken has reiterated, we do not support efforts to rehabilitate Assad, and we do not support others normalising relations,” Price said. “We have been clear about this with our partners… (and) we urge states considering engagement with the Assad regime to weigh carefully the horrific atrocities visited by the regime.” Friday’s visit by Assad to the UAE came as Russia — a key Damascus backer which also has solid ties with the Emirates — pressed its war on Ukraine.

Erdogan betrays Palestinians, welcomes Herzog – what is the quid pro quo?

Erdogan pretends to be a defender of Islam. But he appears to be just another corrupt, oily political operator. Obviously the Zionists have bribed him. But what kind of bribe? It’s time for Turkish investigative journalists to start digging.

Almost 400,000 Civilians Murdered by US/Saudis in Yemen—But Nobody Cares Because They Aren’t White

The insane racism of lurid mainstream media histrionics about Ukraine—while the US and its Saudi clients have been waging a vastly bloodier and more inexcusable war on Yemen for SEVEN WHOLE YEARS—should make every decent human being want to vomit. * The Yemeni foreign minister denounces as shameful and ridiculous a UN Security Council resolution that extends an arms embargo on the Ansarullah movement. Hisham Sharaf said the UAE-proposed motion has turned the spotlight on the UN body’s double standards. He added that the move shows the Security Council serves the interests of Abu Dhabi and Riyadh that are committing acts of aggression against Yemen. The resolution was adopted on Monday. It came in the wake of retaliatory attacks by the Ansarullah movement against Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The Yemenis say their reprisal attacks are aimed at pushing the Saudi-led coalition, which includes the UAE, to stop a war that began in 2015. The war on Yemen has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, majority of them civilians.

Sanctions on Russia: Anglo-Zionist Empire’s Hypocrisy & Arrogance on Display

Russia has real, defensive reasons to move on Ukraine. The Anglo-Zionist empire blew up its own buildings full of people, then murdered 30 million Muslims… for no reason at all….except maybe Isra-hell.

Yemeni army repels attack on key district, liberates mountainous area from Saudi grip

The Yemeni army says it has thwarted an attack by the Saudi-led coalition forces on the northern district of Harad near the border with Saudi Arabia, while liberating a mountainous area from the control of the kingdom’s mercenaries.

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