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FFWN: False Flag Ukraine! (with J. Michael Springmann)

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch the full uncensored version above.  We are NOT broadcasting on my YouTube channel  this week due to censorship.


1) Help FFWN “Expose the Nose”

False Flag Ukraine

2) Was Bombing of Mariupol Theater Staged by Ukrainian Azov Extremists to Trigger NATO Intervention? 

3) Professor faces government crackdown for questioning Ukraine narrative

3A) U.S. Media Decries Brutal Russia Invasion of Ukraine—Yet an Intrepid Reporter Finds that the Russians Were Welcomed as Liberators in the Southern Ukrainian City of Henichesk along the Sea of Azov

Another False Flag Coming?

4) As Ukraine Invasion Stalls, “Putin” (i.e. CIA False Flaggers) Look to Cyber (or Bio/Chem?) for “Revenge” Attack on US

Dangerous Pathogen Research

5) U.S. Lied About Funding “Dangerous Pathogen” Research in Secret Ukrainian Biolabs Newly Leaked Documents Reveal

6) Hunter Biden’s investment fund linked to Ukrainian biolabs engaged in pathogen research: Russian Defense Ministry

7) Russia Is Lying About Evidence of Bioweapons Labs, Claims CIA-Omidyar Site Vacated by Its Only Real Journalist, Glen Greenwald

Potential Catastrophe


9) U.S. Makes Contingency Plans (“Bend Over and Kiss It Goodbye?”) in Case Russia Uses Its Most Powerful Weapons

10) Putin ally warns of nuclear dystopia due to United States

11) The world has less than 10 years to avert climate change catastrophe, report finds


12) Vaxxed March in Lockstep to Anti-Russia Propaganda—MRNA Mind Control?

13) Have You Had Your Anti-Putin Vaccinations Yet?

Wartime President

14) Biden approval rating drops to new low of 40%, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds 

15) Rep. Mo Brooks says Trump asked him to ‘rescind the 2020 election,’ remove Biden and call special election — too bad he didn’t do it, it might have saved the world

Spooks and Propagandists

16) Can CIA Spooks Defeat Russia?

17) Propagandists: “The Real Goal of Kremlin’s Propaganda Is to Encourage You to Get Tired of OUR Propaganda” (Seems Like It’s Working!)

18) Foreign Affairs Debunks Propagandized West’s Insane Hatred of Taliban 

19) As many as (?!) 40K (or as few as 700) Russian troops killed, wounded, held prisoner or missing: NATO Debunked:

20) Russia reportedly has 40,000 Syrian fighters (grateful that Russia saved Syria from CIA-ISIS) lined up to go to Ukraine (to fight CIA-Azov)

21) US (world’s worst war criminal by orders of magnitude) formally declares Russian military has committed war crimes in Ukraine 

22) Finland majority now supports joining NATO – poll


23) The First Thing Ukrainians See Walking Into Poland Is the Israeli Flag

24) Capitol riot suspect receives asylum in Belarus 

Sanction THIS!

25) Chinese companies told to ‘fill the void’ created by sanctions on Russia 

26) Venezuela Thrives Under US Sanctions—Like Iran, Russia, China…

Good Riddance

27) Madeleine Albright’s Epitaph: “Half a Million Dead Children? We Think It’s Worth It” 

28) Aleksei Navalny, Fiery Putin Critic (and CIA-Owned Muslim Genocide Advocate) Is Handed a New, 9-Year Prison Sentence

Lunatics Censoring Sane People

29) The ruling class censors Tulsi Gabbard

30) Twitter Censors Tucker Carlson for Supporting Babylon Bee

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