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FFWN: “Give MSM the Boot!” with E. Michael Jones


1) Don’t Let the Boot Come Down on FFWN!

1B) Support Canadian Truckers!

1C) Police horses trample demonstrators at Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa

Imaginary Russian Ukraine Invasion

1D)  Donetsk and Lugansk Evacuating Under Ukronazi Fire—Will Putin “Non-Invade” and Just Deny Access to Ukronazis?

2) Ukraine kindergarten shelling recall’s Saddam’s attack on baby incubators

3) Another All-Time Media Faceplant

4) Ukraine the Powderkeg Story: Always Smoking, Never Quite Exploding

5) West has been destroyed without a shot fired’ – Russia

6) US says Russia has added 7000 troops along Ukraine border despite claims of pullback

7) ZeroHedge accused of spreading ‘Russian propaganda’ by CIA/AP

9/11 Scam / COVID Bio-Attack

8) ‘USA Stole Money From Afghans’: People Take to Streets of Kabul to Protest US Asset Seizure

9) “Anti-Semitic Muslim” jailed for 11 months for Facebook posts (including truthful ones about 9/11)

10) Philip Zelikow’s Role in Proposed Bipartisan COVID-19 Commission Raises Serious Doubts About its Credibility 

11) “COVID-19 Bioweapon Smoking Gun” video with Ron Unz (going viral!)


12) Trudeau declares Canada’s first-ever national emergency

13) Trudeau Orders Banks to Freeze Accounts of Donors to Freedom Convoy

14) Jordan Klepper Confronts Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Truckers, Finds a Lot of Conspiracy Nuts

15) Free speech becomes roadkill in the crackdown on Canadian truckers

16) How Freedom Movements Truth Are Crushed (Kevin in American Free Press)

Vax Wars

17) ‘We have a place for you’: California county recruits unvaccinated deputies 

18) PROJECT VERITAS: FDA Executive Officer on Hidden Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy: ‘Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible…Have to Get an Annual Shot’

19) Novak Djokovic says he’d rather skip Wimbledon and French Open than get a coronavirus vaccine

20) It’s not vax damage, it’s “broken heart syndrome” 

21) Trust the science. 

Duper Bowl

22) Facebook/Meta Asks: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Die?” 

23) Who is Dr. EV-il? (By Michael Rectenwald)



25) Pelosi names last century’s greatest political achievement—It’s the creation of Israel in 1948 (more proof “Jewish power” is a myth)


26) German dictionary changes definition of ‘Jew’ after outcry

27) Man Arrested For Leaving ‘Annoying’ Voicemails For NH Synagogue Protesting Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestinians

28) Jewish Daily Forward promotes “Sex With Hitler” video game

Banksters vs. Producers

29) Rather Than Sink Main Street by Raising Interest Rates the Fed Could Save It. Here’s How.

30) Investors bought a record share of homes in 2021. See where.

Culture Wars

31) All the GOP Has Left is Racism & That’s a Lie, Too

32) New Biden Dept. of Energy hire is a nonbinary drag queen — ‘an asset,’ say queer activists

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